Castle Dental Job Application

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One of the most effective leaders in dentistry, Castle Dental is endeavour towards providing fine-quality treatment with patience, kindness and courtesy in a complete friendly atmosphere. The company strongly features the best care and practices for each patient. In this direction, the brand provides hands on education opportunities to all dental students, which keeps them updated throughout the clock.

Castle Dental had recorded explosive growth during past few years. This had resulted in expansion of chain stores (42 in 1997 to 100 in 2012). Presently, the company is indulged in offering management services to the centres of Florida, California and Texas. Moreover, the organization welcomes every new patient with open heart. All patients here are treated equally as well as benefited with superior dental care services.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Castle Dental: The store operation timinings for general public are- from Monday to Thursday: 09:00AM to 07:00PM, and Friday: 09:00AM to 06:00PM, Saturday: 08:00AM to 04:00PM and Sunday off.

Age Eligibility @ Castle Dental: After completing 18 years or more, you can fill out the job application form.

Career Opportunities @ Castle Dental: Candidates interested to build their career in the medical field can opt for these job positions. Customer Service Representative, General Manager, Staffing Coordinator, Sales Associate, Dentist, Financial Analyst, Operations Director, Content Manager, Assistant Manager, Receptionist, Housekeeper, Finance Manger, Dental Assistant, Health Aide, Optician, Recruiting Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, Mechanic Associate,  Data Specialist, Luxury Sales Specialist, Scheduler, Transport Coordinator, Registered Nurse, A/R Specialist, Buyer and Retail Market Coordinator.

History: Castel Dental organization was started in year 1972 by Mr. Moir Reid. Later on in 1975, Mr Brian Goodacre joined the company as a partner. Again in 1987, Mr Alan Fields associated with the company as an associate. In 1993, after the retirement of Mr Reid, Mr Alan Fields and Mr Brian Goodacre became the partners of the brand. In year 1995, it was awarded with ‘Denplan practice of the year.

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Presence: Holding a leading position in dental field, the company has marked its presence in almost every state of America. The organization has entered in Colorado, Virginia, California – Northern, California – Southern, Washington, New Jersey, Tennessee, Texas – Houston, Pennsylvania, Ohio – Cleveland, Ohio – Dayton, Texas – San Antonio, Oregon, Florida, Utah and Arkansas. After attaining massive success, the brand is planning for its international expansion. Soon the company will open new outlets in different countries.

Additional Services: This dental clinic provides a large variety of quality services in general dentistry (Oral Exams, Fillings and Teeth Cleaning), speciality dentistry (Oral Surgery, Endodontic, Orthodontics and Paediatric Dentistry) and cosmetic dental care (Teeth Whitening, Veneers and Bonding).

Financial Stature: The Company on financial grounds generate annual revenue of $14,373,000 (past few years). CD is a privately operated organization. The company’s registered headquarter is in California. It also bears assets valuing $32,167,000.

Jobs Descriptions& Remuneration:

Castle Dental in terms of employment offers enormous career opportunities to both freshers as well as experience holders. The company provides you a great platform in several directions. Joining this brand organization is the right step an individual takes in his/her life. Presently, the positions which you can look for are:

Customer Service Representative- As the name suggests, customer service is the most basic level of job role in ever organization. This position does not require any previous work experience. A customer service associate always needs to care for all customers. They are entitled to solve customer’s queries via telephone or meeting them personally. This service is a part of 24*7 call centre branch. Your annual salary will from $20,000 to $40,000.

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Sales Representative- As a sales representative, you need to contact with medical corporations. Your main job assignment is to raise the sales of the medical products of these organizations. Discussing the quality of these products with customers is very important.

Sales representatives receive attractive gratuity and perks on performing quality work. Besides this, they get competitive pay of $20,000 to $40,000 annually.

Advantages of working @ Castle Dental:

Castle Dental deeply understands the role of employees in the success and growth of the company. Therefore, this healthcare industry regularly adds new and striking career advantages to its company policies. All employees whether freshers or experienced, are gifted more or less with the below mentioned benefits.

This organization includes these facilities: 401(k) savings plan, life, vision, and dental insurance, tuition reimbursement, comprehensive health plan, paid time off, employee assistance programs, flexible job timings, career development opportunity, paid trainings, access to scholarships, accidental death, vacation pay and sparkling incentives.
Castle Dental Job Application
Job Interview Questions for Castle Dental:

Read the questions carefully to clear the interview at Castle Dental.

  • Please explain something about yourself.
  • What are your potential from the company?
  • How can the company relay upon you?
  • What was your previous experience?
  • What is your future planning?
  • What extra efforts can you put in your assigned task?