Cathay Pacific Airlines Job Application

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Cathay Pacific Airline is based in Hong Kong. Do not go by its origin, the airline has lots of jobs for English-speaking aspirants. It is hiring from United States and Canada, and the job openings are ever increasing. Currently, having a staff of more than 18,000 employees, the airline is about to do more hires in the coming years.

There are flying positions as well as ground positions available. The good thing is that you can apply to a Cathay Pacific airline job online. Do a visit of and browse through career opportunities. The jobs are listed on the particular link with the facility to apply there it. The airline also features opportunities for graduates and students of flying academies. It has been providing internships and many times, hiring candidates from interns. There, can be a job in departments other than flight crew right now. Thus, the casual job seekers have an employment chance.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Cathay Pacific Airlines:- Working hours varies by job title.

Age Eligibility @ Cathay Pacific Airlines:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Cathay Pacific Airlines:– Air traffic controller, Cargo handler, Maintenance technician, Account manager, Customer service representative, sales manager, Crew manager, Ramp agent, Pilot, aircraft engineer, Co-pilot, Security officer

History:- Cathay Pacific was founded in year 1946. It has two subsidiaries – Dragon Air and Air Hong Kong. There are more than 130 airplanes in its fleet and 94 more are going to be added in the future. It operates flights from Hong Kong to Europe, America and Oceania. The flights are operated between 110 locations, of which 60 locations are international. Its revenue is around $8 billion. It trades publically in OTC.

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Additional Services:- The Cathay Pacific has been serving tourists and business travellers for more than 50 years. It motive is customer satisfaction and to avail them air travel at cheap and affordable costs.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

There is no shortage of jobs at Cathay Pacific. One can build a glorious career as a pilot and flight attendant. Complete the training program you are pursuing and apply for an internship at Cathay Pacific. Once you will have completed the internship, you have greater chances to get appointed by the airline. The internship program will be truly educational and job-oriented.

There are positions in ground duties; for example, the airline often hires baggage handlers, security officers and cargo handlers. The candidates may get wages for these jobs or may receive a salary provided they join as full-time worker.

The technical jobs are aircraft engineer, maintenance technician, air traffic controller and communication engineers. Revise your engineering courses thoroughly because whole interview for technical positions will be concentrated on topics from the core subjects.

The positions like customer service representative, trip advisor, ticket sales officer, reservation clerk and service agent only require you to be 18 and a high school graduate. Polish your communication skills and tones just to get fit for the job.

Advantages of Working @ Cathay Pacific Airlines:

An extremely attractive salary, travelling from one corner to another corner of the world and that without any cost, discounted travel packages, those monthly coupons for entertainment and food, a comprehensive retirement plan, healthcare, life insurance, leaves and vacations, these are all what you are rewarded in a Cathay’s job.

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Cathay Pacific Airlines Application

Job Interview Questions at Cathay Pacific Airlines:

  1. What are your ambitions?
  2. Tell us about some interesting incident that happened during internship?
  3. What was the most challenging phase of your XYZ training?
  4. What will you do, if we do not select you?
  5. What have you prepared for this job?
  6. Do not you have any travel restrictions?
  7. What’s your expectation?
  8. Is this salary okay?