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Centennial Wireless is a leading telecommunication provider in the southern United States. The Company has been providing services in Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and some mid-western states. It is now acquired by the AT&T. Operating as a subsidiary of AT&T the company is offering more jobs now.

The people, who were looking for a job in Centennial Wireless, should now approach AT&T for the same. They should look through the available job openings at the att.jobs. Check out if the company requires sales persons or customer care representatives. Any individual satisfying basic educational requirements and the age bar can apply to these jobs. There may be many other jobs that require specific education or qualification.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Centennial Wireless:– Working Hours varies by job title

Age Eligibility @ Centennial Wireless:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Centennial Wireless:- Sales support representative, System engineer, Customer assistant, Finance representative, Retail sales consultant, Web developer, Marketing coordinator, Service technician, Brand manager, Assistant store manager, IT project manager, Network manager, Customer service representative, Technical writer, Sales executive, Facility technician, Technical support associate, Retail store manager

History:- Centennial Wireless was founded in the year 1998. It served in mainly in the southern United States. It was acquired by the AT&T in the year 2009. Now, it operates as a subsidiary of the AT&T. The parent company has also acquired some other telecommunication brands like Cingular and EDGE. Around 3 million workers work in the company. The AT&T makes revenue around $125 billion.

Additional Services:- The Company provides wireless communication services in the country. It is also engaged in the sales of the mobile devices and wireless solutions.

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Presence:- After merging into the AT&T, Centennial’s services are available country wide. The corporate headquarter of the company is in Atlanta, Georgia.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

Centennial has been expanding its services since its inception. The company requires a large technical staff to maintain its services and infrastructure. Of course, one must have graduation in related technical disciplines to get such jobs. Apart from these core technical jobs, the company has been hiring customer service representatives and staff for their retail stores. The good communication skills are the only requisite to secure a job in customer service. The individuals join as customer service representatives and may promote to higher positions with experience.

Network engineers and system engineers are required at the call centres and regional offices of the company. Their main job is to troubleshoot computer related problems and provide technical support. The regional offices and call centres do require hiring human resource executives as the staff grows in size. Hence, the recruitment of HR professionals is also quite common. There is several company owned retail stores run by it for promoting sales. These stores keep on hiring associates for a variety of jobs.

Advantages of Working @ Centennial Wireless:

The job prospects in the centennial have improved to a great extent after its acquisition. The company has been providing reasonable pay rates and career advancement options. This is to continue under the new brand. The workers get paid leaves, pension benefits, healthcare and other benefits according to their job position and experience. They start availing significant benefits after spending some months in the service.

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Centennial Wireless Application

Job Interview Questions at Centennial Wireless:

1. Why Centennial Wireless?
2. What do you find interesting about this job?
3. Can you work in rotational shifts?
4. Tell us about your work ex?
5. What were your accomplishments in the past job?
6. How will you respond to an ill-behaving caller?
7. Can you handle work stress?