Central Park Zoo Job Application

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Central Park Zoo could be your next employer in the New York, America. A minimum affinity for wild life will force you to join the duty. The 6.5 acres zoo requires a large staff for its maintenance. Hence, it hires new employees on a regular basis.

The Central Zoo job application is available online. You can learn about the career opportunities at the zoo on wcs.org. You can find full-time employment as well as part time positions in the zoo. It also offers internship programs and volunteer opportunities in several areas like in animal care, public affairs, conservation programs, administration and customer service. The zoo also offers field opportunities in the areas of zoological research, program management and financial administration. The internships programs and volunteer opportunities offered the zoo can be doors to a new career.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Central Park Zoo:- 10:00 AM to 05:30 PM daily

Age Eligibility @ Central Park Zoo:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Central Park Zoo:– Animal keeper, Customer service representative, 4D theatre associate, Shuttle driver, Maintenance technician, Butterfly garden associate, Assistant merchandise manager, Human resource manager, Sales associate Purchasing agent, Graphic specialist, Public programming associate, Comfort station agent, Restaurant maintenance associate, Parking attendant, Ground manager, Animal trainer, Group sales manager, Ticket agent, Administrative assistant, Chef, Ride associate, Veterinary technician, Kitchen associate, Marine director

History:- The zoo was opened in the year 1934. The zoo is among four zoos managed by the Wildlife conservation society. The other zoos of this system are Queens Zoo, Prospect Park Zoo, Bronx Zoo and New York Aquarium. The zoo was modified in 1988 and imparted a naturalistic environment. It is accredited by Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

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Additional Services:- The zoo displays more than 140 animal species. The entire zoo is divided into three areas – temperate, tropic and polar. The main attractions of the zoo are snow leopards, tamarind monkeys, polar bears, red pandas, fruit bats and Wyoming toads.

Presence:- The zoo is located in central park, New York City. It is spread over 6.5 acres of land.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

There are many exciting jobs offered by the zoo. The most interesting job would be of the zoological research. The aspiring candidates could apply for an internship for securing the job position in this field. There are several professional jobs in the fields like public affairs, program management, financial management, veterinary, animal care and training, research and wildlife photography. The candidates hired in these professions receive salary packages and scholarships.

There are some entry-level jobs too. The candidates who are 18 years or above can think of jobs like ticket sales agent, maintenance technician, food service associate, ride assistant, and cleaner. These jobs can be offered either on the hourly basis or the as full-time jobs. There are no educational requirements for these works.

Advantages of Working @ Central Park Zoo:

All those, who have an interest in wildlife and want to see it closely, undoubtedly will be praying for a job in this zoo. The researchers and zoology students, who find an opportunity to work with the zoo also get global opportunities in the future when they have served the zoo for some time. Apart from research jobs, the job positions in financial administration, management and program management are equally rewarding. Though, in some sense, these jobs lack the challenging aspects that a research or wildlife photography job does have. The job of an animal trainer is also challenging and exciting. The entry-level workers have to go with routine jobs. Still, their pay is well high.
Central Park Zoo Job Application

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Job Interview Questions at Central Park Zoo:

  • Do you live in New York City?
  • Are you interested in zoological research?
  • Have you done before the wildlife photography?
  • Can you work in random schedules?
  • Why do you want to become an animal instructor?
  • Why is wildlife conservation important?
  • How can you ensure safety of the visitors?
  • Have you gone through some internship in this field?