CenturyLink Job Application

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CenturyLink is a leader in the telecommunication industry. It has been providing phone and mobile services and high speed internet for commercial as well as residential use. It is acquiring other telecommunication brands and is expanding at a fast pace.

There are myriad of jobs available from this telecom company. Exploit the job opportunities in CenturyLink through its website. The company is now using Kenexa for posting jobs. The applicants, who had applied earlier through TMS, too require applying through Kenexa. Check out the vacancies opened right now. Apply by submitting your resume through electronic mail. You may be called for interview provided you stand by the selection criteria. Be prepared, you have a prestigious job ahead.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ CenturyLink:- Working hours varies by job title

Age Eligibility @ CenturyLink:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ CenturyLink:– Acquisition sales representative, Network technician, Strategic account manager, Project manager, Operations technician, Process analyst, Field service technician, Office technician, Lead data centre engineer, Broadband technician, Plant supervisor, Plant support technician, Manager, Sales engineer, Material coordinator, Communications technician, Process analyst

History:- This telecom company was founded in the year 1968. Its original name was oak Ridge Telephone Company. It changed its name to Central Telephone and Electronics after some years. It was renamed to CenturyLink Telephone Enterprises in the year 1971. The name was curtailed to CenturyLink in 2010. The company has been providing best services since its early days. It acquired several competitors while it is ongoing expansion. Recently, it acquired Qwest Communications, which was a considerable leap. The company is listed in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). It is trading under the ticker symbol – CTL.

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Additional Services and Presence:- The Company is rendering wireless services in 37 U.S. States. It is engaged in high speed broadband, mobiles services and landline phone services. The corporate headquarter of the CenturyLink is based in Monroe, Louisiana.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

Most of the jobs offered by the company are of technical category. The technical associates are required in a variety of services ranging from mobile base stations to field service. Almost all the candidates, who join in the technical department first go to field service. They may be assigned job in the mobile base stations or switching centres later. Among professional careers, management is another option. The operations managers and human resource managers are often hired by the company.

The candidates, not from a technical or management background may try for a job in the retail stores or customer care centres. In the retail stores, they can join as retail sales associates while customer service centres are hiring representatives and call operators. You need not even be graduate for these jobs. A high school diploma is generally accepted.

Advantages of Working @ CenturyLink:

The job benefits offered by CenturyLink include life insurance, healthcare benefits, pension plan, paid training, employee assistance programs, and various career advancement opportunities. The new comers get minimum pay but start earning competitive salary after probation. The wok experience gained in the company may help securing higher package or job post further. There is not much work load and the employees get a lot to learn. The fresh candidates may be appointed as interns.

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CenturyLink Job Application

Job Interview Questions at CenturyLink:

  • Why CenturyLink?
  • How was your previous work ex?
  • What did you learn during internship?
  • How do you see this job?
  • Are you punctual?
  • Are you comfortable with rotational shifts?
  • Are you a fast learner?
  • What challenges did you face through your past work experience?
  • What do you learn from it?