Charter One Job Application

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Charter One is an internationally brand which leads the banking industry. The bank’s growth is the result obtained by the contribution made by small business tactics. The company’s core value lies in three Cs – Customers, Community & Colleagues. The bank is awarded several times for sustained business operations & continuous growth.

An organization achieves progress heights not only with the help of efficient employees but also through effective business affairs, honesty & integrity.

Organization Details

Working Hours: Monday to Thursday: 09:00AM to 04:00PM, Friday: 09:00AM to 06:00PM, Saturday: 09:00AM to 01:00PM & Sunday closed.

Age Eligibility: You should be at least 18 years of age before starting your career in a bank.

Career Opportunities: Exciting career opportunities at Charter One are. Sales Representative, Teller, Assistant Branch Manager, Loan Officer, Personal Banker, Mortgage Loan Originator, Branch Manager, Maintenance Technician, Contact Center Specialist, Regional Facilities Manager, Risk Management Specialist, Service Representative & Commercial Credit Underwriter.

History: Charter One started operating in international market in year 1828. Few years later in 1871, the bank launched its independent saving banks under the banner of Citizen Financial Group.

Presence: The bank’s worldwide locations can be seen in Americas, Africa, Asia Pacific, The United States, The Middle East, Europe, & The United Kingdom.

Additional Services: The financial institute offer certain special investment facilities for both its customers & corporate clients. These amenities are: Money orders, Mortgages, Checking accounts, CDs, Credit cards, Money wiring, Savings accounts, Home equity & Safe-deposit boxes.

Financial Stature: The largely trusted bank group has launched more than 3,700 ATMs within the United States. It also functions including approximately 1,500 chain centres at all locations across America. Its corporate headquarter is situated in Cleveland in Ohio.

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Job Descriptions & Remuneration

Current job openings at the bank are as follows.

Branch Manager- The primary role of this designation is to manage & handle the entire branch. The Branch Manager provides job directions to all branch staff according to the financial & investment needs of the associated customers. Additionally, monitor, plan & control all recruitment activities.

Loan Officer- A Loan Officer is responsible for assisting all customers with their financial goals. They approach customers, make them understand the financial products & obtain loans. They also generate business as well as family loan needs within the clients.

Advantages of working @ Charter One

The bank makes available several high quality career benefits which encourage all employees to work for the improvement of the company. 401(k) retirement assistance, annual bonus, Child care flexible spending account, paid vacation, health insurances, sick leaves, short and long-term disability coverage, employee stock purchase plan, service discounts, tuition assistance, higher education benefits, life insurance, house owner insurance & international work environment.
Charter One Job Application

Job Interview Questions @ Charter One

Questions which are generally asked during interview at Charter One is:

  • Tell us something about yourself.
  • Explain your qualification background.
  • How much practice do you possess in banking industry?
  • How would you justify your job duties here?
  • What job specifications are involved in this bank?
  • How is our company different from top rated ranks?
  • “Fulfilling job responsibilities in a fast working environment had never been easy.” Elaborate in your words.