CHASE Bank Job Application

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CHASE National Bank manages more than 5,500 branches. It also has about 18,000 ATMs all across the United States. This is a huge company and has more than 160,000 employees nationwide. The headquarters of this bank is in Chicago. All through the U.S., about 240,000 jobs get created by the parent company. CHASE leads the industry of financial services and provides service to more than 50 million clients.  Apart from banking and investment planning, CHASE also provides payment proceedings, mortgage, credit cards, and loans. At present, there are more than sixty four million credit cards under circulation, which makes the company among the biggest issuers of credit cards. In United States, CHASE is the 3rd largest bank.

Organization Details

Working Hours

The bank is open from Monday to Thursday: 9:00 am-5:00 pm. On Friday: 9:00 am-6:00 pm; Saturday: 9:00 am -1:00 pm; and Sundays are holidays.

Age Eligibility

The applicant has to be at least eighteen years old.

Career Opportunities

Customer Care Professional I, Bank Manager, Personal Banker, Supervisor, Teller, Customer Service Representative, Mortgage Loan Officer, Loan Servicer I, Sales Assistant.


Operating as a branch of customer service for JPMorgan CHASE, this firm has a corporate history as old as 1799 when The Manhattan Company was founded by   Aaron Burr CHASE in 1799. Burr created the bank so as to combat Bank of New York. CHASE operates in the form of customer service branch for JPMorgan. There was a merger between these two companies in 1955 and resultantly CHASE Manhattan Bank came into existence. In 1996, this bank joined hands with Chemical Bank and in 2000, with J.P. Morgan & Company and thus the current JPMorgan CHASE bank firm. Following Wells Fargo and Bank of America, this bank operates as the next largest bank in the United States.

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The CHASE Bank has 16,100 ATMs and 5,100 branches in 34 states in the U.S. The bank operates in 60+ countries all over the world.

Additional Services

Many services are offered by the branches of this bank. These include investing, business and personal banking, and personal lending. The members of CHASE have the facility of applying for debit and credit cards which are CHASE-based, saving and checking accounts, managing accounts for retirement savings, purchase compact discs, and also take advantage of banking by using a telephone or online. Student loans are offered by CHASE, along with loan services for home equity, auto loans, and mortgage.

Community Involvement

The bank looks into giving back to the community which supports its business. Continuous courses of education, sponsored by the bank, are there to develop better communities. Programs for literacy of adults, classes for money management, planning for credit repair, and programs for prevention of foreclosure, creation of jobs, and a number of other services related to the community. Even philanthropic support is provided to charitable nonprofit organizations which serve the communities which contain the branches of CHASE bank and offices of JPMorgan Chase.

Environmental Initiatives

Since 2003, more than $3 billion have been invested by JPMorgan CHASE in supporting energy products that are renewable. There was an investment of $960 million for sustainable projects of energy in the year 2010. Practices such as that of green building, purchase of renewable and sustainable products of paper whenever possible, and reduction of emission of greenhouse gases are incorporated by the bank.

International Initiatives

A division of international services of finance is operated by CHASE and it also helps clients all over the world. The business of banking services is offered to citizens of the United States living abroad as well as to foreign nationals. In addition to the above, multilingual individual banking discussion are designed, thus helping to provide desired banking services to customers. FDIC insurance is offered to every international customer, the U.S. dollar stability, as well as an inflationary environment that is historically stable.

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Financial Stature

CHASE is an auxiliary to JPMorgan CHASE and yearly mean revenues of CHASE come close to $58 billion. Operating as a public company, JPMorgan also trades on New York Stock Exchange using the symbol ‘JPM’. Currently, it has assets close to $2.3 trillion. It earns annual revenue of about $100 billion. With about 240,000 human resources, the bank has 5,000+ branch locations all over the United States. It has close to 140,000 associates included in many divisions. These include commercial banking, financial services (retail), and card services.

Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration

Teller:- The bank teller helps customers when it comes to banking needs when at service counters, over the phone or at a drive thru window. Depositing money, cashing checks, performing withdrawals etc are included as duties of a teller. A starting wage close to $10 an hour is earned by this individual.

Professional :-The branches of this bank regularly are in need of filling up a number of jobs associated with professional banking. This includes risk analyst, investment banker, business banker and licensed personal banker. Duties performed by a typical CHASE associate vary as per the department, experience, and title. A starting wage between $30,000 and $80,000 is earned annually by this individual.

Supervisors :-Supervisors at CHASE are at the positions of assistant branch manager, branch manager, and some other positions in management. Overseeing of daily operations, training the workers, hiring of new employees, and also scheduling of associates are the jobs of the supervisors. A starting annual wage of a manager at CHASE falls between $30,000 and $60,000, with respect to job title, experience, and the department assigned for the operations.

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Advantages of working@ CHASE National Bank

A number of job benefits are enjoyed by eligible employees at the CHASE National Bank. There are financial planning bonus, healthcare bonuses, and other additional benefits for employees. Financial benefits are aimed to help the workers while they prepare for retirement, or even unforeseen incidents. Associates who are eligible may enjoy access to retirement plans like 401(k) plans of retirement. Disability coverage and life insurance are also enjoyed by qualified employees.

Packages for healthcare benefits also help the employees to cover expenses related to health care. Access may be enjoyed for – dental and medical plans, flexible medical accounts, discounts in programs related to equipment and programs of fitness, backup networks of childcare, and wellness services.
CHASE Bank Job Application

Job Interview Questions@ CHASE National Bank

The applicant needs to clear this round of the interview process to qualify for the banking job. The questions listed below are just general questions, and the candidate is further advised to get prepared as per the qualifications attained:

  • How would you manage to deal with situations of high pressure?
  • Would you carry out job assignments linked with this position in an efficient manner?
  • What inspires you to work here?
  • Who is your inspiring role model?
  • After five or six years, where do you expect yourself to be placed?
  • What will you do to attain your desired goals while at work?
  • How would you deal with stressful situations?
  • If a project is offered, at what position do you prefer to work ?
  • What makes you impetuous?