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Checkers Drive-In is one of the leading food chain of double drive thru restaurant. The organization manages, develops, as well as activates this drive thru stores.  Within past few years, the company is awarded for the best business performance in the US. Checkers works under effective operating system, supports valuable advertising and marketing programs and real estate construction, helping the franchised consultants.

According to financial guidelines, organization must be full with $500,000 as assets and $250,000 as liquidity. Under certain scheduled training programs, every franchise has an option of nominating 2 employees. All checkers outlets are interconnected from the headquarters and daily send updated sales data and credit card details.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ Checkers Drive-In: Working timings at Checkers Drive-In varies twice in a week (Monday-Thursday: 09:00am-01:00am and Friday-Saturday: 09:00am-03:00am).

Age Eligibility @ Checkers Drive-In: Candidates at a younger age (16 years) can start working here.

Career Opportunities @ Checkers Drive-In: Cashier Team Member, Assistant Manager, Expeditor Team Member, Front Office Administrative Assistant, General Manager, Shift Manager and District Manager.

History: Checkers Drive-In came into existence by the merger of two different food serving organizations in August, 1999 (Rally’s Hamburgers and Checkers). This joint venture established its headquarters in Tampa, Florida. Checkers, as a single brand started its business in 1986 in Mobile, Alabama. While Rally’s commenced to serve customers in year 1985 in Louisville, Kentucky.

Presence: One of the most popular fast food centre Checkers Drive-In established most of its branches on the West coast of Mississippi River in the United States. The brand with maximum popularity within the country, do not want to grow at international level. Moreover, it is continuously expanding its business at national level by entering in every part of the America.

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Additional Services: In 2005, Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc., operated with 509 self owned and franchised outlets, while Rally’s Hamburgers got 364 stores under its name. The company again merged with Taxi Holdings Corp. in June, 2006. Taxi Holdings Corp. is a private equity firm affiliated with wellspring Capital Management.

As per the company’s owners “Our mission is to operate with unstoppable passion and endless energy; to serve our guests with honesty; delivering the highest quality products for profit; with a smile on our face; while creating new opportunities for all employees and shareholders.” Both the restaurants serve almost identical food products. Checkers in this regards has a slight advantage by producing burgers, fish, hot dogs, fries, chicken, classic wings, desserts and drinks.

Community Initiatives: Checkers Drive-In is famous amongst public not only for its fabulous menu dishes but also for participating in various charitable programs. From the beginning, this brand has supported a wide range of community operations, such as youth programs, healthy lifestyles, old age facilities and inspiring humans, etc.

Environmental Initiatives: Environmental protection is such a serious concern that it cannot be avoided by the food store. The company has organized a committee to undertake atmospheric operations and functions for it. All sites of Checkers Drive-In take initiatives in participating energy saving programs, recycling products used in packaging and effectively utilising other resources.

Financial Stature: Financial background of Checkers Drive-In has always been the strongest point for the board of directors. The company in 1999, merged with Rally’s Inc. with the objective of operating as one of the biggest drive-thru outlets inside the country. After this change, the company started performing as private firm.

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Checkers Drive-In together with Wellspring Capital Management generates billions of dollars as their revenue.

Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration

Checkers Drive-In facilitates with an ultimate work environment as well as allowing them to grow with the time. This brand becomes a giant platform to kick start your career. Freshers, generally begin from entry level jobs. With their experiences and performances, they acquire higher designations while the external applicants need to possess appropriate experience for staffing the top level positions.

A special feature includes working here either as full time or part time employees. At the time of interviewing candidates, the brand search for certain skills inside them. These are motivation, dedication, oral and written communication, energetic, pressure handling. Opportunities at regular intervals come for team members, cashiers, shift manager, expeditors, general managers and front office administrative assistants. Currently, you may find openings for the following positions.

Team Members- Joining a team member position means qualifying for the beginner’s level. On this position, you will be asked to take on your duties as cashier, expeditors and bell boys. No prior work experience or graduation certificate is required. To maintain brand’s reputation and customer satisfaction, this industry is always in need of helpful, energetic, dedicated and faithful applicants.

Team members are very much accountable for the company’s growth. They are indulging in various activities, such as take orders, managing the drive-thru window, preparing food, drink orders, operate cash registers and happy exit of customers.

Management- To get hold on these designations, you will be asked for significant work experience. Sometimes, you may also need to present graduation certificates. Management people are listed as restaurant managers, general managers, district managers and shift incharge. It normally looks for applicants who are career oriented.

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Managers are responsible for selecting right candidates, training them and preparing shift schedules, etc. Team leaders, on the other side, need to lead the team effectively. In addition; they are also in charge of managing restaurant operations.

Advantages of working @ Checkers Drive-In

Job benefits offered by the organization can be experienced at regular intervals. These benefits start by making an employee feel comfortable and enjoying work atmosphere. Professionals at every rank take the pleasure of these advantages. The facilities which keep them dominated towards the company are as follows.

401(k) retirement plan, flexible schedules, Employee Stock Purchase, paid time off, personal time, holiday pay, paid training programs and educational assistance, life insurance, accidental death insurance, disability coverage and vision care.

Some more advantages are uniforms and name tags, discount coupons and movie tickets. Equal importance to every employee (male and female) is sanctioned under this brand.

Job Interview Questions for Checkers Drive-In

  • Why you want to apply for the job in our organization?
  • Which department will suit you the best?
  • What is the best way to treat a customer?
  • How will you maintain the quality of menu items?

Checkers Drive-In Job Application