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If you need check verification and collection, you can visit CheckSmart because the company specialize in these services. They also have expertise in recovery and guarantee. The collection services offered by the company are not only ideal for individuals but also to merchants and organizations.

In addition, Checkmart is also easing employment crisis of the country by offering ample employment opportunities to job seekers who are affected by the slow recovery of the economy, and not able to find suitable jobs.

Organization Details

Brief History

Scott Swindell, present vice-president established CheckSmart Recovery & Guarantee in 1999. Prior establishing CheeckSmart, Scot owned and operated multiple Pizza franchise stores of Domino’s in the Austin for 25 years, Texas. The first store started operating in Columbus, Ohio with cash checking services. The company is owned by Kris Whitfield, also current president. The store has made a rapid progress and expanded to 11 states and serving clients with check recovery, verification and guarantee.

The Mailing Address of the company is CheckSmart Recovery & Guarantee, P.O. Box 5339, Round Rock, TX 78683. The corporate Headquarters is situated at 595 Round Rock West Drive, Suite 405, Round Rock, TX 78681.

ChecksSmart Products & Services

Check Verification, Back Office Conversion, Consumer Convenience Fee Option, Turn-key Recovery and Rebate, Electronic Check Conversion, Traditional Check Guarantee, ACH Debit (Single and Recurring), Consolidated Returns and Blue Ca services of ChecksSmart can be classified in the four broad categories including Business, School, Municipalities and Non-Profits.

The additional services for schools consist of School Recovery + Rebate Program, School Client Testimonials and School Simple Guarantee Program. In the similar fashion, counties, utility districts, cities and other municipal organizations are also benefitted through checks and payments processing, returned check collection, over drafts and other services of the company.

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Work Age – Minimum age to work in the company is 18 years.

Operation Hours: Monday-Saturday: 8:00am-8:00pm; Sunday 11:00am-4:00pm

Career Opportunities

Community Choice Financial and its subsidiary CheckSmart have constant job openings for top performers for supporting existing workforce in more than 490 locations. The employees are offered high paced and challenging work environment, along with attractive benefits, competitive salaries and faster career growth opportunities.

The company also follow federal laws during hiring and never discriminate on recruiting, assignments, firing and promotions. The company is also specific that disability issues may not prohibit an individual from applying, and to assist them during the application process accommodation, or assistance is provided upon request.

The applicants can visit, parent company, Community Choice Financials (CCFI) site for current job searches and CheckSmart Job Application submission.

The CCFI career page provides whole current listings of careers available in all company locations including IN,  AL, IL, AZ,  KY, FL,  MO, KS,  OR, MI, VA and UT.  The company offers openings for Store Manager, Bilingual Customer Service Representative, Consumer Protection Specialist, Customer Service Representative in OH and, CA, Collection Representative: OH, Help Desk Technician Tier I Part-Time and Bilingual Assistant Store Manager.

Applicants can visit Application Form for different positions, click the choice position, read the job requirements and apply. When you click “Apply this job” on the page, you will be provided with CheckSmart Job Application Form. You will have to fill out the required field in three necessary steps to complete your Application.

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Sample Job Description

Store Manager

Job Summary:  Monitor and coordinate the functioning of customer care representatives and assistant managers. Manage individual store functions and oversee cash flow and collections, risk management and compliances. Ensure professional and healthy relationship with peers, customers, subordinates and superiors. Implement and enforce company policy and procedures, oversee and report compliance issues and look after the location’s security integrity.

Customer Service Representative – Department

Reports to Store Manager

Job Summary

Check cashing and loan processing through referral materials, computer and phone. Receiving and paying money. Maintain transaction records of negotiable instruments and money. Provide excellent customer service. Maintain cordial, respectful and health relationship among superiors, peers, subordinates and customers. Collect debts by using the phone.


Full-Time Employees in CheckSmart enjoy a number of attractive benefits. They are offered fast paced work environment, faster career growth, friendly work atmosphere and competitive salary. In addition, they are also provided with medical, health and life insurance, 401(k), paid leaves and vacations, sick leaves and many more.

CheckSmart Job Application

Interview Questions

  • What are your weaknesses?
  • How do your work experience benefit organization?
  • Where do you find yourself after 4 years?
  • Why do you want you join us?
  • What do you expect from the organization?
  • Which services of ours are popular in the market?
  • Tell us about company’s products and services?
  •  Who referred you to us?
  • Have you applied to us anytime?
  • How can you profit company?