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The Cheesecake Factory, Inc., is among the fastest growing food chain restaurant based in United States. The restaurant, currently running 165 chain outlets, out of which 151 are company owned, 13 are managed by Grand Lux Cafe and one is taken care by RockSugar Pan Asian Kitchen porch. Besides this, two famous bakery production branches (Calabasas, California and Rocky Mount, North California) are also in the hands of the Cheesecake Factory store.

Customers after experiencing its hospitality, ranked the brand as their favourite family dining restaurant for continuously two years. To win the race, company was preferred by 7.1 percent of guests in comparison with other brands. Expansion of business is beneficial for the company’s future, but today Cheesecake Factory is strongly concentrating towards the branch opening in Middle East at the end of year 2012.

The brand gained solid popularity in serving fabulous and mouth watering food and beverages items. Guests visiting the food court can order from among 200 verities including Tuscan chicken, avocado egg rolls, pizzas, salads to fresh fish, great steak, classic burgers and omelettes. Every moment spent here becomes remarkable for the guests and cheer professional work effort.                     

Organization Details

Working Hours @ Cheesecake Factory: It works from Monday-Thursday: 11:00m-11:00pm, Friday-Saturday: 11:00am-12:00pm and Sunday: 10:00m-12:00pm.

Age Eligibility @ Cheesecake Factory: Candidates interested should complete minimum age of 18 years and above before appearing for the interview.

Career Opportunities @ Cheesecake Factory: Bartender, Maintenance Technician, Cashier, Busser, Host, Hostess, Kitchen Manager, Dishwasher, Server, Assistant Restaurant Manager, Guest Service Coordinator, Line Cook, Department Assistant, Prep Cook, Restaurant Manager, Quality Assurance Supervisor, Systems Analyst and Pricing Administrator.      

History: The Cheesecake Factory, Inc., is one of the most favourite food brands of the people of America. The restaurant in order to provide food services to the general public took birth in year 1978 in Beverly Hills, California. Oscar and Evelyn Overton were the joint partners, who opened the restaurant. Before the commencement of the restaurant, Evelyn thought about this business, just after she prepared a cheesecake for her in year 1949 for her husband’s employer.

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Evelyn started a small store of cheesecake in Detroit, Michigan. David Overton opened a small shop of salad and sandwich in Beverly Hills offering 10 different flavours of cheesecakes in year 1978. In year 1983, second branch of the restaurant was opened by Overton in Marina Del Rey. By the end of 1987, Beverly Hills shop extended its sitting capacity to 78 people at a single time. It made a profit of $3 million in that year.     

Presence: Recently a survey done on Cheesecake Factory, shows that more than 180,000 workers are associated with this brand in 2,000 centres spread all over the world. Popularity of the restaurant can be measured by seeing the long queue of the customers waiting from hours to get inside for dining. The food store features more than 200 products including about 400 flavours of cheesecakes.  

25th January, 2011, was the date when Cheesecake Factory commenced its business in Middle East, after signing a deal with M.H. Alshaya Co. (Kuwaiti detail franchising company).

Additional Services: Spending each moment at Cheesecake Factory will be cherished throughout whole life. The restaurant offers more than 200 consumable sparkling items to general customers and clients. Customers get a variety of choices to choose from among long menu list.

The special products which are got eye catching attention from general public are appetizers, pasta, seafood, steaks, pizza, salads, chicken, snacks, burgers, specialty items, sandwiches and omelettes as well. No compromise is ever done by the brand regarding food quality and preparation process.    

Community Initiatives: The brand name Cheesecake Factory is not just a restaurant, it is more than that. The food centre deeply cares for the societies which helps it to flourish.

To return back to these communities, the company has established a foundation named “Secret Ingredients”. This organization is totally dedicatedly in supporting several NGO’s and charity events. Cheesecake Factory on other hand, make contribution regarding thousands of greeting cards in every program organized by them.         

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Environmental Initiatives: Cheesecake Factory equally cares for the environmental issues as well. The company regularly overcome with innovative thoughts to support environment. Most of the packaging products are made up of recycled materials. Besides this, the brand is also reducing the usage of electricity. In near future, Cheesecake factory is planning to establish eco-friendly outlets.

Financial Stature: Financial background of every organization or industry should be strong enough for the smooth flow of business.The organization which owns Cheesecake Factory also handles 13 different centres at other locations. These outlets are operated under RockSugar Pan Asian Kitchen and Grand Lux Café names.

Talking about Cheesecake Factory, it is also listed on NASDAQ under the ticker CAKE. Last but not the least; its annual profit is measured more than $1.5 billion from past few years.        

Jobs Descriptions& Remuneration

Online application form of Cheesecake factory restaurant facilitates with an easy as well as fast method to send online request for selection in food service industry.

This brand provides ample of career opportunities to freshers and experienced ones. Professionals working from years may also discover big opportunities to advance their future. The organization always staff enthusiastic, passionate, skilled and energetic employees into their team. Part time as well as full time vacancies are filled after appointing these individuals. Few of the most common posts which need regular hiring are:

Bartender- A person appointed on this position needs to perform long hours of standing duty. He should possess complete wine information (tastes, company, price and quantity, etc.). Duty of a bartender is to assist the customers in selecting best quality wines and ring up the orders.

Other responsibilities involve setting and cleaning up bar areas, maintaining stock, tools, utensils and equipments each time. The person must hold a year experience in bartending. Quick and active worker in fast-paced environment. He must welcome the guests with a worm smile and hold communication, interpersonal and mathematics skills.

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Host or Hostess: Host or Hostess at every restaurant needs to undertake several job duties. Hosts inside the food stores are responsible for greeting customers and clients with warm smile.

During the working hours, these employees are required to stand in helping the customers with short listing their orders and fulfilling other queries. Host or Hostess is also subjected to assist other workers of the restaurant.        

Line Cook- The name “Line Cook” is sufficient to understand the roles and responsibilities of these employees. Cooks are accountable for preparing delicious recipes, serving orders on time, cleaning kitchen areas and maintain hygienic work atmosphere. For performing these tasks, they get minimum salary starting from $7-$8 per hour.

Restaurant Manager- Managers in this company are responsible for running all restaurant operations smoothly, in the starting, middle or at the closing time. Restaurant manager ensures the comfort of all workers and focus towards unexpected situations as well as emergencies blocking the business path. Restaurant Manager hires, staff, make schedule for the team members and allocate group tasks.

Advantages of working @ Cheesecake Factory

Employees are a valuable resource for the Cheesecake Factory. Hence, it’s a major responsibility of the restaurant to care for its professionals. Competitive income structure along with eye catching incentives and perks are the basic benefit offered to the employed ones.

Other facilities are retirement plans, health and wellness plans and tour packages. Health and wellness benefits include various options, such as medical, health and dental plans. Furthermore, the brand also entertains with flexible spending accounts, savings planning, paid trainings, 401(k) and paid vacations.

Job Interview Questions for Cheesecake Factory

Below are some important questions for your help.

  • What was your last work experience?
  • Will you be able to stretch more even after shift timing?
  • What facilities you want from the company?
  • Which department are you looking to serve?
  • Explain customer satisfaction in your words.
  • What are your future career objectives?

Cheesecake Factory Job Application