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Chester’s Chicken is a chain of fast-casual restaurants popular for its fried chicken branded as Chester’s chicken. It began as a family owned restaurant serving family recipes that grew into a multinational chain later. Currently, it has presence over 1800 locations in United States. These fast food outlets are usually situated in shopping malls, airports, colleges, and convenience stores. There are openings for both entry-level positions as well as management posts time to time. The openings are published on the company’s website ‘’. Candidates can apply for a position by submitting their resume at However, most of the entry-level positions are filled directly by restaurant managers through personal interviews, the management personnel are recruited through a more rigorous process.

These restaurants provide great opportunity for individuals seeking a job to afford their living or who are arranging their college fee. A candidate must be at least 16 years of age and legally eligible to work in United States for finding employment at Chester’s Chicken.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ Chester’s Chicken: These restaurants operate daily between 10:30 AM and 10:00 PM

Age Eligibility @ Chester’s Chicken: 16 years old

Career Opportunities @ Chester’s Chicken: Cashier, Kitchen manager, Cook, Counter attendant, Server, Assistant manager, Marketing executive, Restaurant manager, Cleaner, Dishwasher.

History: First Chester’s Chicken restaurant was opened in 1952 by W. O. Giles. Giles started by selling donuts and later began selling chicken. It gradually became popular for serving fried chicken and it patented several fryers. In 1965, the company adopted Chester the chicken as logo and animated it in a cowboy theme. Within few years, it started manufacturing frying equipments and led to formation of Giles enterprises. After gaining fame for its signature taste, the enterprise was renamed to Chester Fried in 1974. In the course of time, it invented Vent-less Frying Technology and took its patent.

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In 2002, the brand name was curtailed to “Chester’s”. Currently, Ted W Giles, son of W. O. Giles is the CEO of the company. Ted expanded the business empire by franchising operations that all began in year 2004. In 2008, brand extension ‘Chicken on the fly’ was introduced by the company. Today, Chester’s International is running thousands of restaurants in three continents and is serving food to millions.

Menu: Its menu includes Fried Chicken, Hot Wings, Chester’s Tenders, Boneless Wings, Chicken Sandwich, Salads, Chicken Caesar Wrap, Chester Wrap, Gizzards, Livers, Biscuits, Desserts and Sauces.

Presence: Chester’s Chicken is running restaurants at 1800 locations worldwide. It is still expanding and deems to be one of the largest franchise chains.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration

Candidates appointed at entry-level positions are called team members. They are assigned duties like greeting guests, taking orders, preparing food, serving, maintaining the place clean, delivering orders and other day-to-day activities. Team members are normally employed on hourly wages. These restaurants operate between 10:30 AM to 10:00 PM seven days a week. One may work for part-time or full-time. Many college students join these restaurants as team members to arrange their college fees or afford a living. The hourly wages given to team members ranges from $8 to $10. They are able to bag an average annual income of $16,000.

At management positions, individuals get appointed as restaurant manager, assistant manager, shift supervisor or franchise business consultants. They are hired on salary packages, which include a basic pay along with other benefits. At these positions, they are responsible for carrying out financial tasks, managing stores, supervising works, doing entry-level hires, reporting to corporate office and expanding business by new franchises. Generally, candidates having prior experience of food service sector and having passed at least high school are preferred at management positions.

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Advantages of working @ Chester’s Chicken

Chester’s chicken is expanding with new franchises year after year. There are numerous job openings offered by it time to time. The company is reputed for distributing competitive salaries and periodic appraisals. Qualified employees are given several other benefits like life insurance, income protection plan, 401(K) retirement plan, sick leaves, paid holidays and paid vacation. The associates are also provided dental and health coverage and granted disability protection.

Job Interview Questions at Chester’s Chicken

  1. Give your introduction?
  2. Why you need this job?
  3. Where were you working before this?
  4. How your personality suits to this job?
  5. What in your views is important for satisfaction of a customer?
  6. How long can you continue working here?

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