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Chipotle Mexican Grille is an international chain of quick service restaurants. It is a brand popular for its Mexican cuisines. These restaurants feature a professional work environment and offers standard food-service employment. With around 1200 locations in United States and abroad, it is one of the major employers in fast-food sector. The company often employs candidates as crew members and qualified individuals among them are promoted to management positions. About 97 percent of general managers at these restaurants started as crew member. Thus, Chipotle is one of the rarest food chains that offer a progressive career.

An individual must be at least 16 years of age and legally eligible to work in United States or the particular country for getting employment at Chipotle. One can search available openings for both restaurant as well as corporate jobs at the company’s website. Visit and click careers. One has to create an online account at the website to apply for any job vacancy. It is a simple process and just requires filling up an electronic form. Currently, thousands of job openings are being offered by this restaurant chain. Hence, do not waste time and apply for employment as soon as possible and get advantage of an early consideration.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ Chipotle: These restaurants operate daily between 11:00 AM and 10:00 PM.

Age Eligibility @ Chipotle: 16 years old.

Career Opportunities @ Chipotle: Crew member, Cook, Kitchen manager, Cashier, Assistant manager, Shift leader, Restaurant manager, Area manager.

History: First chipotle restaurant was opened by Steve Ells in 1993 at Denver, Colorado. In 1995, it expanded to two more locations and opened at five new locations within Denver area by 1996. It got investments from McDonalds in 1998 and went public in 2006. Building a brand name by popularizing use of naturally raised pork and chicken and Trans fat frying oil for cooking, it gradually expanded to several locations through franchising. It is also known for its neat assembly lines and large burrito and taco serves. Its first overseas restaurant was opened in Canada. Currently, it is also operating at many locations in Mexico and Europe. Its corporate headquarter is based in Denver, Colorado and currently, has expanded to around 1300 locations.

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Menu: Chipotle serves burrito, tacos, chips and guacos, soft tacos, salad and burrito bowl in its menus. It also has a special menu for kids. This is one of the fastest growing fast food chains.

Presence: There are approximately 1300 restaurants in this chain. It has an international presence with stores in Canada, Mexico and Europe.

Community Initiatives: Chipotle has participated in many social activities and has been working along with Big Brothers, Catch 25 and Ohio Ecological Food and Farm association. It has also organized many educational programs for kids about healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.

Environmental Initiatives: These restaurants have concentrated on reducing energy and water consumption. They use recycled materials and run their operations in a way that there is minimal wastage. They are promoter of ethical treatment of animals and incorporated same in their working.

Financial Stature: Chipotle owns assets worth $800 million and has average annual revenue of around $1.8 billion. Its corporate headquarter is in Denver, Colorado. The company is listed in NYSE and trades under the ticker symbol – ‘CMG’.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration

The restaurant chain has a young staff and a fast-pace work environment. Most of the hires are done for entry-level positions and recruited candidates are called crew members. They work as chef, team member, attendant, kitchen manager or service manager. They have to take orders, welcome guests and do cleaning, prepare food and maintain registers. Crew members and cooks receive hourly wages ranging from $8 to $10. Kitchen managers are paid hourly wages between $9 and $13. Service managers bag hourly wages ranging from $10 to $15. The hourly wages are determined according to experience, performance and expertise. Mostly, college students join these restaurants as crew member and at other entry level positions in order to afford their living.

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Higher designations like general manager, apprentice, assistant manager and marketing strategist are assigned administrative duties. At these positions, candidates have to manage stores, do entry-level hires, check routine operations, and accomplish financial tasks. Though, most of the general manager and assistant manager positions are reported to have been filled by promoting crew members, positions in IT, legal and marketing departments have been filled through new recruitments. Employees at administrative designations too are reported to be gaining competitive salaries. For example, general managers receive salary in range from $38,000 to $53,000 per annum. In addition, they are provided other job benefits too.

Advantages of working @ Chipotle

Chipotle is a reputed food service employer. Its employees gain competitive salaries and have fine prospects to advance their career with the company. Crew members are employed after a comprehensive on-the-job training and enjoy flexible schedules. Qualified employees hired on salaries are provided other benefits as well, like 401(K) retirement plan, health and life insurance, accident protection, vacation days, holidays and paid time-off. Working at this restaurant chain is an enthusiastic and progressive experience.

Job Interview Questions at Chipotle

  1. Why Chipotle?
  2. How you suits to this job position?
  3. Have you worked in a restaurant before? Will you need training?
  4. Describe your job? What tasks you assume in this job profile?
  5. Are you doing studies? Or your studies are completed?
  6. How will you manage your time?
  7. Will you like to do overtime if paid for it?
  8. What pay you are expecting?

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