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The Citi Trends retailer started as ‘Allied Department Stores’ in the year 1958. Urban influence is reflected in the fashions and styles put for sale in this store. An extremely easy access to the fashion store is provided by so many locations to the shoppers. There are brands like Baby Phat, Apple Bottoms, Rocwear, and Ed Harry. It is because of the popular brands and points of low price that lend to the projected and continued success for this fashion store.  This chain targets low income customers of the urban class. This store has been in business of apparel for the last fifty eight years.

Organization Details

Working Hours -The store timings are 9:00am to 9:00pm every day.

Age Eligibility -The aspiring candidate must be at least sixteen (16) years old.

Career Opportunities

Project Manager, Merchandise Handler, Information Services Trainee, Processing Clerk, Material Handler, Benefits Manager Human Resources Receptionist Packer,  Assistant Store Manager, Sales Associate, Key Holder, Manager in Training,  Payroll Supervisor, Merchandise Planner, Store Manager, and Marketing Coordinator.


Succeeding the World War II, this fashion store started  a business and was then called Savannah Wholesale. All over the southeast region of the United States, the company used to sell ladies undergarments and hosiery. In the year 1956, this successful wholesaler ventured to run a starting retail location. The store capitalized on the fame of the post war loyalty. It changed it’s name to Allied Department Store. After many years of changing and growing, the company remodeled stores and refurbished merchandise in the year 1997. Later, in 2001, the name of the company was changed to Citi Trends. Even as, the company underwent many changes, it still does offer unchanged quality of clothes, as well as outstanding customer service.

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The headquarters of this store is maintained at Savannah, GA. More than five hundred locations are maintained by this retail company in twenty seven states of the U.S.

Additional Services

Accessories and apparels of urban fashion are the specialty of the company, for ladies, gents, and children. The products of the company are available at reasonable prices. Discounted clothes are sold by the store from brand names like Coogi, Ed Hardy, Baby Phat, Mecca, Akademiks, and Dereon. An outstanding shopping experience is created by this fashion store, and there is also a provision of well-maintained, clean stores, added to a lively atmosphere.

Community Initiatives

The improvement of the community is constantly worked upon by this store. There are many charitable organizations which get contributions from Citi Trens. For this, money is donated to many local and national organizations of charity. Programs related to education, environment, health, and safety are often supported by this group.

Environmental Initiatives

A large retail empire is possessed by this company which makes utilization of numerous resources from nature. Work is constantly on into a reduction of harmful emissions and wastes. The company sticks not only to local, but also to state, as well as federal environmental consent. Many recycling programs are participated in by a number of franchise locations of the store.

Financial Stature

The symbol ‘CTRN’ is used by the company, to trade in the New York Stock Exchange. It makes revenue of $600 million every year. Being the foremost retailer, there are thousands of workers employed by this company.

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Job Descriptions & Remuneration

Sales Associate -The sales associate has quite a number of duties to perform at the store. These usually include stocking products maintaining the cleanliness at the store, assisting customers, as also ringing up the transactions via the cash register. The associate also keeps appropriate records of inventory controls and transactions. The starting salary of this associate usually falls between $7 and $10 per hour.

Management – New associates are managed, hired, and trained by managers. In addition, the responsibility of maintenance of the inventory and supervision of store operations lies on the manager. The achievement of customer satisfaction and making sure that the associates stick to the procedures and policies laid by Citi Trends. A manager gets a salary ranging from $36,000 to $53,000 per year.

Advantages of working@Citi Trends

A wide range of job benefits is enjoyed by both entry level as well as qualified associates. A competitive base pay is enjoyed by the entry level employees. Healthy salary options are enjoyed by the full time associates of the company. Not just this. Potential of career growth, paid training prospects, and flexible scheduling add on to a work environment loaded with excitement and fun.

The qualified workers of this fashion company enjoy quality benefits offered to them. These include 401(k) benefits after retirement along with insurance coverage. Health benefits including visual, medical, and dental coverage are offered by the fashion store. There are many additional benefits that are offered which include employee discounts, paid time offs, as also employee referral additional benefits.
Citi Trends Job Application

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Job Interview Questions@Citi Trends

  • Why do you think that a job related to this is going to accelerate you career by leaps and bounds?
  • Do you possess a work style of your own?
  • How would you manage to remember the prices of so many garments stocked in the store?
  • How will you avoid pilferage when the store is overcrowded?
  • In what role do you see yourself when appointed for any job in the store?
  • Will you be comfortable working under the command of a female shift manager?
  • Which type of casual wears is in demand here?
  • In your opinion, what qualities in the store make a visitor, a regular customer?