City Market Job Application

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This store is a supermarket brand and belongs to the Kroger Company. It is situated in Rocky Mountains located in the USA. The headquarters of this company is located in Grand Junction in Colorado.

This being a subsidiary of the Kroger Company which is based in Cincinnati, sells many non-perishable and perishable items of food, which includes bakery items, deli, produce, meats, dairy, meats, various toiletries, as well as pharmacy products. The Kroger Company holds the ownership and also the management of each location of this store. The store provides employment to hundreds of employees for each department, along with attractive services and a friendly environment.

Organization Details

Working Hours

The store is open every day from 6:00 am to 12:00 am.

Age Eligibility   

The applicant must be of at least eighteen years of age while applying for any post in this grocery store.

Career Opportunities

The grocery store is looking for applicants for the following positions:

Cashier, Bakery Clerk, Deli Manager, Grocery Clerk, Assistant Store Manager, Cheese Steward, Bakery Manager, Floral Associate, Meat Clerk, Store Manager, Maintenance Engineer, Deli Clerk, Fast Track Plant Engineer, Improvement Manager, Pharmacy Technician, Produce Assistant Manager, Floral Manager, Nutrition Specialist etc.


This store was founded in 1924 by the Prinster family as four brothers, namely Leo, Paul, Clarence, and Frank left La Junta and shifted to Grand Junction in Colorado. Phillis Norris became the president of the store in February, in the year 2001. She was the first person not belonging to the Prinster family, to become president of the store. She had begun her career in City Market, in the year 1974, when she worked in the designation of store checker. Later, the store management ranks were moved through by her, and she eventually became the vice president in 1994. She held on to the position for five years,

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Approximately forty stores are operated by this grocery in places like New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah.


The following are included as the menu items of this store:

Natural Foods, Deli and Bakery, 1-2-3 REWARDS® Visa® Card, Gift Card Mall, Health Matters, Floral, Meat and Seafood, Adult Beverage, In-Store Services, Media, Health and Beauty, Fred Meyer Jewelers, Baby Care, and Fresh Produce.

Environmental Initiatives

This grocery store is powered by solar energy, which is conventional and almost, free of cost. In partnership with groSolar, which is based in Vermont, the store has 136 solar panels placed on the roofs. So much so that over sixty cents of each dollar which is spent at the City Market still remains in Vermont. Reusing bags and saving the customers money and also offering a refund of five cents to shoppers who get their own bags to carry what they have purchased.  The company also features a number of green products ranging from shopping made from canvas and cleaning solutions.

Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration

Floral Manager:-The floral manager at City Market has numerous duties to perform. Some of them include stocking shelves, managing inventory, taking care of customer service, completing the pertinent correspondence, quality control, managing the sales and profits, book keeping / record keeping, as well as following the laid safety precautions. The salary earned by this individual is close to $12.75 per hour.

Nutrition Specialist:-The nutrition specialist assists the customers while they are working to achieve the beauty, wellness, and health goals, through organic and natural supplements. A firm knowledge base referring to homeopathic remedies, minerals, vitamins, herbs, and some other products related to these also helps the specialist to efficiently work for both, the customers as well as the company. The base pay for a worker at this position is close to $11.50 per hour.

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Produce Assistant Manager:- Produce Manager is assisted by Produce Assistant Manager by ascertaining top quality customer service. Provision of satisfaction to customers, food safety, maintenance of high standards of produce, selection, variety, and sanitation are some of the duties performed by this individual. The Kroger policies are to be adopted as related to business ethics which also refer to honest and fair dealing with customers, vendors, employees, as well as the parties which are from the exteriors of the store. This manager earns a salary of $17.55 as an hourly wage. 

Advantages of working@City Market

All employees who work for part time shifts get a competitive base salary whereas the full time employees enjoy options for a generous salary. There is a provision of employment benefits like receiving vision, medical, and dental plans, accounts that can be flexibly spent, the 401 (k) retirement plans, a program pertaining to stock options, vacation time (paid), paid holidays, and many other perks and employee benefits.
City Market Job Application

Job Interview Questions@City Market  

It depends on the educational qualifications as well as the work experience of the candidate as to the position opted for, as an employee. Some questions regarding the interview are framed below for a quick reference of the aspiring candidate. The aspirant must also work on and predict some other questions, which will definitely help, to successfully clear this round:

  • What made you choose this company to progress as far as your career is concerned?
  • Do you mind working even on weekends or holidays to make the company meet its goals?
  • How can you deal with short tempered or impatient customers visiting the store?
  • What is the ultimate goal in life as followed by you and how do you plan to achieve it?
  • What do you think should be the qualities of the person seeking this position?
  • What were your suggestions for improving the business of the organization you previously worked for?
  • Do you think that situations of high pressure would successfully be dealt by you?
  • What would you call yourself- as a detail oriented or a big picture?
  • Can you recall any challenge(s) or problem you overcame successfully, while working for your previous company?
  • How much time will you take to contribute significantly, for this company?
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