Coast Guard Job Application

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United States possesses long coast lines both east and west. The U.S. Coast Guard is responsible for the maritime safety of the country. It protects the coastal boundaries and water territories of the country. More than 40,000 individuals are serving the coast guard in various positions. Around 8000 personnel among them are reservists.

It may be a dream of many individuals to join the USCG. The candidates can join the service by attending Officer Candidate School or through direct commissioning services. More than 300 graduates of high school join the coast guard academy every year. Apart from the officer’s ranks, a large number of civilians and auxiliary members serve the coast guard. Around 6000 civilians and 30,000 auxiliary members are currently serving the organization. Fill up the online application at to let recruiters know about you. You will have to pass a series of tests to qualify for the job. The candidates, who enrol into the coast guard academy, go through 17 week long training.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Coast Guard:- working hours varies by title and location

Age Eligibility @ Coast Guard:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Coast Guard:– Investigator, Aviation maintenance technician, Marine science technician, Store keeper, Avionics technician, Public affairs specialist, Health service technician, Operations specialist, Port security specialist, Electronics technician, Information systems technician, Gunner, Damage control man, Machinery technician, Food service specialist, Electricians, Aviation survival technician

History:- The coast guard was formed in the year 1790. It is one of the five branches of United States armed forces. It operates according to the jurisdiction of Department of Homeland security. The coast guard is responsible for carrying out search and rescue operations, ice breaking, maritime law enforcement, port security, environment protection and military readiness.

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Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

Presently, there are 38,000 active personnel and 35,000 auxiliary members of the coast guard. Around 8000 men and women serve as reservist. Any high school graduate can join the coast guard. The candidates need passing a written test along with physical and personality tests. The selected candidates graduate through Bachelors of Science and go through a 17-week training program.

The reservists are those people who serve the coast guard for at least two weeks in a year and at least one weekend each month. They mainly participate in patrolling of sea coasts. Also, around 6000 civilians serve the coast guard in 200 different positions. They participate in environment protection and search and rescue operations. Similarly, around 30,000 auxiliary members also assist in search and rescue operations and environment protection initiatives.

Every year, 300 candidates are selected for the officer’s positions. The recruitment of reservists, civilians and auxiliary members continue throughout the year. The candidates should have good character and clean background to join at any USCG job. Any report of drug addiction or crime would disqualify a job applicant. Doing a job in Coast Guard requires physical and moral preparedness. It is a tough job requiring a lot of physical endurance and mental alertness every moment.

Advantages of Working @ Coast Guard:

The commissioned officers get very high salary packages from the lowest rank onwards. Other personnel also receive competitive wages or remunerations. Joining Coast Guard would be a perfect job for those who love sea and like adventure. The workers get numerous advantages like retirement benefits, housing, free education and training, tax relaxation and food allowances. A job in the coast guard will be glorious and adventurous leaving a lot of pleasant memories every day  and night.
Coast Guard Job Application

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Job Interview Questions at Coast Guard:

  • Where do you live?
  • Do you know swimming?
  • Why do you want to join the coast guard?
  • Who are your dependants?
  • Can you stay away from home for a long time?
  • Tell us about yours sports achievements?
  • Tell us about yours academic achievements?
  • Do not you fear from water?