ColorTyme Job Application

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ColorTyme may fill colors in your life by providing you a new employment. It is offering job opportunities in the electronics retail industry. One of the leading rent-to-own retailers has a presence throughout United States.

It is straight-forward to apply to a job to these stores. Find a store on the store’s page of the Click on the job opportunities on the top of the page. Go through the job listing. Apply to a job matching your profile. There are several entry-level jobs offered at various locations. The aspirants can apply to positions like customer service representative, cashier, sales representative and manager. One should not be younger than 16 years old.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ ColorTyme:- Monday-Saturday: 9:00AM-9:00PM; Sunday: 10:00AM-7:00PM

Age Eligibility @ ColorTyme:- 16 years old

Career Opportunities @ ColorTyme:– Sales associate, Shipper, Customer service representative, Customer service merchandiser, Delivery office administrator, Recruiting specialist, Worker, Delivery office supervisor, Department manager, Store sales manager, Receiver, Manager in training, Warehouse associate, Assistant manager, Transfer driver, Store manager, Inside sales representative

History:- A chain of Rent-To-Own stores, it offers for purchasing and renting options to the customers. They offer a variety of electronic products and furniture. Customers can purchase products from name-brands like Dell, Whirlpool, Sony, Compaq, Mitsubishi and JVC. It employs more than 20,000 associates at around 200 retail locations. Listed as RCII in NASDAQ, it earns revenue around $3 billion.

Additional Services:- These stores stock electronic appliances like refrigerators, freezers, washers and dryers, televisions, cameras, video game consoles, home audio and DVDs, computers, laptops and tablets. They also retail furniture items.

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Presence:- There are 200 rental stores in this chain. These stores are located in all the states of the USA. A catalogue of stores can be found on the official website of the company.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

Retail jobs like customer service associate, sales associate, cashier, and the manager can be secured by applicants in these stores. Even for the entry-level positions, high school diploma is the minimum educational requirement. The applicants appointed as customer service associates greet customers, explain them rental plans, show products and assist in product selection. Once a product is selected by a customer for renting, the associates forward the order to sales representatives. They perform the documentation and finalize deals. They prepare bills and reserve security. Some of these operations are handed over to cashiers. Cashiers perform data entry, present bills and warranty cards and maintain day-to-day accounts.

The managers schedule workers, hire new associates, delegate jobs, perform scheduling and supervise works. They carry out financial and banking operations and prepare reports for submission to the corporate office.

Advantages of Working @ ColorTyme:

Working in such a large chain of Rent-to-Own stores offers the opportunity to earn a high salary packages and enjoy the flexible scheduling. Since around 100 workers are employed at each retail location, it is not difficult to find flexible schedules. Eligible employees obtain 401(k) pension plan, life insurance, employee referral bonuses, paid vacations and career growth opportunities. There are paid training programs organized by the management for select employees. There are career advancement opportunities in sales and management. One should not miss the attractive pay when such employment opportunities are just in the vicinity.
ColorTyme Job Application

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Job Interview Questions at ColorTyme:

  • Why ColorTyme?
  • Have you applied here before this?
  • What is your education?
  • Read the following rental plan and explain it to me?
  • What should be in a rental plan to customers?
  • Why do customers rent and not buy products?
  • How can you be useful to us?