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Comfort Keepers is a well renowned name in this modern era. The organization encourages its clients about a variety of in-house care solutions for their quality independence and well-being. The services offered by the company are premeditated to aid seniors and other humans to keep up the intensity of independence from the comfort of their own house.

The company had spent almost a decade in serving old humans to live happy plus independent lives by facilitating companionship, safety as well as in-home care solutions in their own residences. Additionally, applicants associated with this brand name enjoy loads of companionship services, such as errands, assistance with hobbies, conversation, walks and other welfare acts.

Organization Details:

Working Hours: Comfort Keepers medical store does not work on fix timinings. Working hours varies according to the locations.

Age Eligibility: You can boost you career just after achieving the age of 18 years or more than it.

Career Opportunities: You can pursue your career on the following positions. Bookkeeper, Administrative Assistant, HR Specialist, Companion, General Manager, Appointment Scheduler, Homemaker, Scheduling Coordinator, Complex Case Manager, Certified Home Health Aide, Front Desk Agent, Client Care Coordinator, Personal Care Aide, Data Specialist, Live In Care, On Call Responder, Human Resources Support Center, Territory Sales Manager, Home Care Case Manager, Scheduling Assistant, Marketing Assistant, Receptionist, Office Manager, Caregiver and Financial Analyst.

History: Kris Clum, a registered nurse started the brand company in year 1997. The company was launched with an idea to provide non-medical services to senior citizens. As a nurse, she began treating the patients according to their killed and medical care needs.

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Presence: As a fastest leading organization in medical industry, Comfort Keepers had established its outlets in major countries of the world. Today, the brand with more than 650 chain branches treating thousands of people of the United States, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Singapore, Portugal and Australia. The organization is comprised of qualified as well as caring staff members who are dedicated in providing fine-quality services to all countrymen.

Comfort Keepers Job Application
Additional Services: The brand association hold hands on experience in offering in-home care to numerous families and businesses as well. These services facilitate the members to live their lives in a complete healthy and happy manner. Here you can find Elder Care, Assisted Living Home Health Care Dementia, In-Home Care, Home Care and Senior Care facilities.

In-home services includes: Dressing, companionship, grocery shopping, personal care, light housekeeping, incidental transportation and meal preparation services. You might find variation in these facilities according to different locations.

Financial Stature: The growth and success of any organization depends a lot on its financial background. Same goes for Comfort Keepers as well. Out of 650 branches, only 15 units are operated by the company itself, ret all are franchised stores. Net worth of the brand had been recorded as $200,000.

Furthermore, any individual interested to take on the company franchise need to initially spend an amount of $42,000.

Jobs Descriptions& Remuneration:

Comfort Keepers constantly require full as well as part time executives to staff at different positions at all locations. The company therefore hire qualified and skilled employees to meet the brand standards. Presently, recruiting is going for following positions.

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General Manager- General Manager is a very important designation in every industry, so as in this company too. This job position is associated with the middle level management. As a GM, you will have to handle all the store operations in order to achieve the profit goals along with premium quality care are being offered to the clients. General Manager receives an annual salary of $50,000 to $80,000.

Marketing Assistant- As the name suggests, a marketing assistant deals with all market operations. The marketing assistant closely assists the marketing director with all marketing aptitude. These associates visit the entire centre on monthly basis in order to positively play their role in communities.

Marketing Assistants act as a link between patients and healthcare staff in maintaining personal contacts. The company appoint these professionals on competitive salary of $20,000 to $40,000 every year.

Front Desk Agent- The Front Desk Agent should be highly prolific and possess complete knowledge about all front desk operations. The agent must effectively communicate with all staff members and provide quality services to the visitors. The Font Desk Agents earn basic competitive pay of $10 to $15 per hour.

Advantages of working:

Comfort Keepers when employee an individual provides ample of career opportunities or job benefit plans to him/her. The level of these facilities differs depending upon the area, job position and years of work experience. The advantages provided to the workers play a significant role in their career growth.

The company provide you hands on facilities, such as 401(k) retirement plan, competitive hourly pay, paid time off, salary rates, paid job trainings, flexible spending accounts, life insurance, vision disability, employee stock purchase plans, schedule flexibility, sick days, health and wellness perks and holiday pay, etc. Click on job application form today and search for these benefits in details.

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Job Interview Questions:

Few important job interview questions for your reference. Understand them clearly before walking for the interview.

  • What is your basic understanding about medical industry?
  • What specific qualities a medical associate or student must possess?
  • How will you adjust your daily schedule according to different shifts?
  • On what position you want to serve the organization?
  • How will you manage heavy work pressure?
  • What was your work role in your previous organization?
  • What are your thoughts about the company?