Computer Skills for Administrative Assistant

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Administrative Assistants are responsible for easing the flow of work in an office to ascertain its free flow. Administrative Assistants with a high school diploma, a minimum of two years or more at college, as also some experience as office workers, are preferred by most employers.  These individuals may work for some post. They can also work for a group as a whole. This individual must be skilled adequately with an aim to perform his tasks in the most effective and productive way.

In present times, computers have formed the back bone of many offices and working areas, and they are heavily being relied upon for implementing the numerous tasks, in no time. In addition to doing research work on the internet, and sending electronic messages, the administrative assistant should be knowledgeable enough to work on PowerPoint, scan the documents using the scanner, and provide computer education from its fundamentals to the co-workers at the office.

The statements describing your skills should preferably be simple and to the point. You can list your skills separately instead of putting them down in a paragraph form. This is because companies nowadays scan the resumes by feeding only the keywords.

Phrases that describe action verbs like: 

Achieved, Adjusted, Balanced, Built, Calculated, Compared, Decided, Developed, Enabled, Established, Facilitated, Familiarized, Generated, Guided, Helped, Handled, Improved, Introduced, Listed, Launched, Modified, Motivated, Negotiated, Oversaw, Outlined, Promoted, Produced, Recommended, Re-evaluated, Scheduled, Trained, Updated, Wrote, etc should be used while making your resume.

  • Deep understanding of how to direct and combat the emails, USPS, and FedEx
  • Practical experience while dealing with letters, faxes, emails etc.
  • Following the procedures laid by the company and following the procedures defined by the company
  • Devoted and cautious while at work, concentrating on details and high level of accuracy
  • Bilingual: Fluent in speaking, reading, and writing English, Spanish, and German
  • Able while communicating any information that is general in nature, in a way that is accurate as well as customer friendly
  • Well trained to use photocopiers, phone systems, fax machines, and dealing with videoconferencing, plus additional tools at the working area
  •  Apart from correcting grammatical mistakes and spellings, can record the minutes of meetings
  • Demonstrated ability while operating computers and do tasks, like replying to, and attaching the documents to messages already received
  • Thorough understanding when it comes to finishing the forms and going along with the procedures laid by the company
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