Con Way Express Job Application

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Con Way, Inc. provides logistic and freight transportation services and is worth $5.6 billion. It operates companies by the names: Menlo Worldwide, Con-way Truckload, and Con-way Freight. The headquarters can be located in Ann Arbor, in Michigan. Apart from providing logistics, supply chain and warehouse administration services, there is also the operation of the day definite LTL (less-than-truckload), transportation of multimodal freight, and full truckload. Road Systems Inc is also operated by this company. Road Systems Inc., refurbishes and manufactures equipment related to trailing, and is related to the trucking fleets of this company. All across the United States, Con-way is active with about 400,000 customers.

There exist three companies, which primarily operate for the Con-way and help it deliver the services that are regarded as the best in the industry. These companies are Menlo Worldwide Logistics, Con-way Truckload, and Con-way Freight.

Already known for execution of exceptional operations, the company has been recognized to have a reputation for being a quality performer in terms of carrier business. The delivery drivers provide top service levels, and values that are employee driven are emphasized upon by the culture, not to forget the focus on exemplary and efficient service for the esteemed customers.

Organization Details

Working Hours – 24 hours x 7 days a week.

Age Eligibility – 18 years.

Career Opportunities   

·         Collections Specialist

·         Dispatcher

·         Custodian

·         Financial Analyst

·         Sales Manager

·         Fleets Supervisor

·         Account Executive

·         Field Management Trainee

·         Material Handler

·         Freight Operations Manager

·         Logistics Analyst

·         Security Analyst

·         Mechanic

·         Personnel Supervisor

·         Dock Worker

·         Equipment Driver

·         Truck Driver

·         Sales Support Specialist

·         Receptionist

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·         Customer Service Representative

The company was founded in the year 1951. To begin with, the company had only two trailers and one tractor. Until the 1950s, the name of the company was ‘Consolidated Freightways Inc.’ before it was christened ‘CNF Inc.’, when ‘Menlo Logistics’ was created. Following this, the purchase of ‘Emery World Airlines’ brought about the creation of ‘Consolidated Freightways’ shops.


The company boasts of its presence in twenty countries in five continents. In North America alone, there are about 425 locations carrying out operations there. The company finds its headquarters in Ann Arbor, MI. About 28,000 employees who are highly trained work here.

Financial Stature

Con-way is a publicly traded company, with a $5.6 billion worth of financial stability. It uses the ticker symbol of ‘CNW’ and actively trades on the NYSC. The company earns more than $4 billion in the form of annual revenues. Also, it works in about 400 locations as far as the US is concerned, and also has a presence internationally in eighteen countries.

Job Descriptions & Remuneration

This company has many rewarding and exciting logistics and transportation careers in this industry. Apart from maximizing the ability and skills of its workers, professional growth is equally encouraged here. With an aim of fostering a balance, as far as the personal and job life of the employees is concerned, the company has in store rewards packages delivering considerable benefits, training, and compensation.

Advantages of working @ Con Way Express Application

The Con-way Express Company has been built on the credence  “great members form a great group”. A successful business, as achieved by Con-Way and the proposition of rewarding and exciting opportunities for career development has been available. As it is known that for attracting and retaining the finest workers, something more than just a pleasant pay or great job is necessary. A unique sense of oneness and community is developed by Con-way, with its provision of engaging, and supportive workplace. All this brings along both, professional and personal growth while building a feel of community.

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There are savings plans after retirement, like 401(k) account, which gives a chance to the workers to put in for retirement income via pre-tax payroll deduction. There is an Employee Stock Purchase Plan, available for all workers and is available with convenient and regular deduction in the payroll. A wide range of health benefits is offered for the full time, regular and active workers. There is a wide variety of needs for healthcare, which include vision care, dental care, prescription drugs, medical and surgical care, medical and surgical care, and hospital. This coverage starts from the day of joining, and the rate of premiums is also related to the healthcare plans chosen by the employee.

Life insurance is also provided in basic coverage calculated by twice the basic annual salary and that too free for the employees.

Con Way Express Application

  Job Interview Questions @ Con Way Express Application

  • Will you be able to cope with flexible shift timings as provided by this transport company?
  • Can you sustain standing for long periods of time as and when the company?
  • While you bring about the repairs, how will you manage to follow the company’s policy and procedures?
  • How do you plan to keep up the proficiency as far as the technologies and equipments are concerned?
  • Can you recall any accomplishment by going against the policies laid by the company?
  • Can you frequently lift or carry objects of varied weight, size, and shape, while working here?
  • What were the conflicts faced by you, with the management in your previous job?
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