Continental Airlines Job Application

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United Continental Airlines, the second largest airline in the world has a lot of jobs to offer the aspiring candidates. The airline is doing quick hires in different positions – airport operation, food services, pilot, flight attendant, network operation, reservations, flight operations, information technology, administration and management.

There’s a quick way to apply these jobs too. The jobs offered by the airline can be accessed online via its corporate website – Go down the site and hit the ‘careers’ link. The jobs can be browsed by category and location. Select the category or department you want to join. Apply by submitting your resume online. You will receive a call for job interview in few days after you had applied to a job. A criminal background check and drug test may be conducted for some positions like pilot and flight attendant.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Continental Airlines:- Working hours varies by job titles.

Age Eligibility @ Continental Airlines:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Continental Airlines:– Flight attendant, baggage handler, Contact care consultant, Ramp agent, Pilot, Reservation clerk, Security officer, Administration support, Trip advisor, Inspector, Sales representative, Customer service representative, crew member

History:- Continental airline is a subsidiary of United Continental Holdings. The parent company also owns and operates United Airlines. Both these airlines together form the second largest airline of the world. The company was founded in 1934. It took almost half a century for Continental to emerge as an airline of this size. The corporate headquarter of Continental is based in Houston, Texas.

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Additional Services:- The airline operates flights between 380 destinations around the world. These flights are operated from 10 hubs. There are hundreds of airplanes in the Continental’s fleet.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

You can build a long-term career or do a temporary job at this airline. Some job positions like a flight attendant and pilot are career-oriented and can be secured only after related training and internship. These are the high-pay jobs and generally require achieving certification or license to work.

Apart from flying jobs, technical jobs can also be of your interest. If you have completed a diploma course or graduation in aviation and electronics, the technical job opportunities are for you. You can join as communication engineer, maintenance technician, and electronics engineer or flight equipment tester.

There are many entry-level jobs too that do not demand much qualification. You can find a job as cargo handler, baggage handler, and ramp agent or security personnel. More job opportunities are in customer service. The jobs like reservation clerk, customer service representative, travel advisor and online sales representative are among few positions that only require you be at least 18 and holding a high school diploma.

Advantages of Working @ Continental Airlines:

An airline of this size might be your dream employer. The Continental offers high pay jobs and even the entry-level positions offer an opportunity of earning high wages. The sales representatives and customer service representatives can earn extra bucks as incentives depending upon the tickets they book or sell. There are many long-term job benefits like a pension plan, healthcare, life insurance, paid trainings, sick leaves, saving schemes and investment options that can be availed after few months of service in a full-time position.
Continental Airlines Application

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Job Interview Questions at Continental Airlines:

  • Why Continental Airline?
  • Tell something about your previous job experience?
  • What are your expectations here?
  • What is most fascinating thing about this job?
  • What professional achievements you aim at?
  • Do you have a passport?
  • Why you? Why not others?
  • Tell us about your hobbies?