Cover Letter Example for Preschool Teacher

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It is not possible for anyone and everyone to take the responsibility of a preschool teacher who is efficient enough to take particular care of kids. For showing affection, natural love, and compassion, an effective generation of all these, must be done for children.

The following sample cover letter is written for Preschool Teacher, and it reflects the needed skills needed for a position like this.

Sample Cover Letter for Preschool Teacher Resume

Clara Lauders
195, Nelson Someone Road
Anderson, CA 53667
Mobile 969 699 9969
April 11, 2012

Mr. Samuel Wills
Kids High School
2097, Highway Street
Newport, LA 51666

Dear Mr. Wills,

With reference to the recent advertisement that appeared in the daily newspaper, which carried details like presence of vacancies in ‘Kids High School’ for the post of ‘Preschool Teacher’. I am enthusiastic about the opening and would herewith, like to apply.  I am capable of disseminating empathy and propelling a constructive conduct which will work as assets for your organization.

Presently working as a Preschool Teacher for ‘The Cloud Nine School’ for a period of five years, I have generated the skills needed while guiding the tots. I follow the approach and directives while implementing the early youth curriculum. I frequently get involved in creating, administering, and being a part of many environments that encourage a positive growth for children.  

Many different educational and learning programs are created and administered by me. These help the small children to generate their respective potential for attaining the learning objectives laid for them. As a colleague, I carry an ability to cope with all kinds of character examples as depicted by the employees of a school.  Further, my resume will provide additional information regarding my abilities in efficiently performing the needed tasks, as a Preschool Teacher.

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The education that I have received and the experience gained till date helps me to become a suitable candidate for the Preschool Teacher’s position. A chance of personally meeting you to discuss my qualifications would be highly appreciated. I will keep in contact with you next week through your phone. This would be to confirm whether you received my resume and the duplicate documents providing support thereof. You can also contact me at, or, make a call at 201-3017. My excitement knows no bounds, and I am looking forward to being in contact with you at an early date.

With Best Regards,
Clara Lauders
Encl. Resume