Cover Letter for Summer Internship

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Most of the times, summer internship proves to be the factor which decides the career of an aspirant. The summer internship is done due to the summer holidays. In other cases, the college itself makes it compulsory for its students to go through one. Summer internships are necessary as they propel to induce experience and self-confidence in the participating students and give them the necessary exposure to the outside world.

Experience is the main factor provided by these programs, and they largely help in the everyday working by the company. The most needed exposure to the environment and the related surroundings is also made up. It may often happen that the students place a request for putting them with the summer internship program.  This procedure, which provides them with exposure to the market, is extremely essential to built in the experience and learning the job practically.

An example to help you scribble your own cover letter, as per your qualifications, and achievements is given underneath. It only needs the modifications as per your requirements.

Cover Letter for Summer Internship

Alice Surname
54, Stephens Street
Town Name
New York NY 11223
19 April 2008

Mr. Williams Kingsley
2211, Frankfurt Lane, Suite 987
San Diego, SD 54321

Dear Mr. Kingsley

I take the privilege to apply for the position of Summer Internship with ‘Marvel’, after going through the notice floated by the company last week.

I am a student following the course of Architecture from the University of Illinois and will complete the educational program in another six months. Apart from having an emphasis on restoration and remedy, I carry a comprehensive background of architecture.

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Earlier, I have held an internship at the ‘Elvis Metcalf and Association’, an architectural firm located in St. Diego. At this firm, I used the CAD technology for preparing a design for the floor plans, and made an effective and profitable use of the given retail space. There were many drafting techniques used by me while I worked to redesign the movie theatre in mid- St. Francisco. You may find this last internship program attractive because I read that the company is planning the renovation of five cinema complexes within the coming two years.      

I am looking forward to having a meeting with you and share the viewpoint of any internship chances available at your company.

You can get in touch with me via my email address Alternatively, I can be contacted through my contact no. (101) 123-45643

Thank you for your time and consideration.

(Alice Surname)
Encl.: Resume