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Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc. is one of the finest chains of gift stores and restaurants in America, based on Southern theme. Here, you will enjoy all home manner buffets. Few of the famous dishes, include turnip greens, flapjacks, Mac n cheese, fried okra and cheese grits. Every time you visit the restaurant, a traditional flavoured breakfast, lunch and dinner will cherish, and make friendly relationships.

Long hours of working help employees to spread happiness among thousands of customers every week. Whatever time guests’ steps into the store are greeted with warm welcome, and enjoy great meal at reasonable costs. The company also treats the people or corporate with great respect or honour whenever they do business with the brand.

Cracker Barrel is a place of study for the upcoming graduates. Many students have prepared their research reports or thesis on Cracker Barrel. The restaurant on daily basis receives hundreds of requests for providing general information as well as guidance in research. Most of the request gets rejected every day.

Financial information of each outlet is kept secret and is not shared with other branches. Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc. is a public trading company. General public can only review the financial statistics by studying press reports plus filing exchange commission tax application.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ Cracker Barrel: The restaurant works from Sunday-Thursday: 11:00m-10:00pm and Friday-Saturday: 06:00am-11:00pm.

Age Eligibility @ Cracker Barrel: 16 years is the minimum age requirement for employment at Cracker Barrel.

Career Opportunities @ Cracker Barrel: Server, Prep Cook, Restaurant Manager, Host, Hostess, Dishwasher, Retail Manager, Night Maintenance Employee, Grill Cook, Retail Personnel, Busser, Restaurant Manager Trainee, Cashier and Assistant Manager.

History: Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc. comes to the life in 1969, by Dan Evins. The company’s first outlet was centred in Lebanon, Tennessee. This is the headquarter of Cracker Barrel. The first branch was opened on a highway in between Midwestern and Southeastern United States. Soon during the period of 1990 till 2000, the brand captured the whole country.

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This family food store is very loyal towards its guests. This chain food court was awarded by destination magazine for the best restaurant chain in the country. Again in 2010 and 2011, it was named as the “Best Breakfast”, by Zagat survey. Check out the application form to gain more knowledge.

Presence: Cracker Barrel had made remarkable presence at domestic ground. From the initial year of its existence, the restaurant is constantly growing and didn’t look back for a single moment. Each day, the company is planning to capture new markets at both national and international level. Customers of different countries can soon enjoy the facilities of Cracker Barrel.

Additional Services: Cracker Barrel with its unique idea of establishing chain outlets at national highways, is strongly satisfying thousands of customers every day. Without targeting guest’s pocket, the food giant offers you classy and finest-quality meals at reasonable prices.

To assist you in deciding from the long catalogue list, here are some of the delectable dishes: Hot soups, gravy, homemade beef stew and biscuits, etc. The store besides satisfying your hunger needs, can also allow you to do shopping, including home décor accessories, movies, cookware, toys, merchandise and candy. The brand offers you complete family sharing and fun-loving atmosphere.

Community Initiatives: Cracker barrel being a giant brand does not forget the communities and societies which help it in flourishing the business. Quite a number of societal activities are included in the restaurant’s list.

One of the biggest actions taken by the company is to help and encourage underprivileged youth for completing their education up till required level. This noble cause was organized in support with Urban League of Middle Tennessee Foundation. Whatever profit made by Cracker Barrel, a set percentage of it is donated for welfare programs.

Environmental Initiatives: Cracker Barrel gives more attention towards preventing environment. The company severely understands the importance of reduced resources of this great planet. Couple of years back when the food court joined EV projects, the deal helped in effective decrease of utilization of fossil fuel.

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Financial Stature: Owner of the restaurant, Dan Evins was a sales representative in Shell Oil organization. He generated the concept of gift store and restaurant in order to advance the gasoline sales. The brand was incorporated on February, 1970. In between 1980 to 1990, the growth of the company increased speedily. In year 1992, a total sale of $1 billion was recorded in the company books. It is also posted on NASDAQ holding the sticker of CBRL. Thousand of applicants are currently associated with the organization across all locations.

Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration

Cracker Barrel is consistently looking for entry level associates to staff at all the location across the world. The company is also in need of full time as well as part time workers. By filing Cracker Barrel application form, you take the first step towards this wonderful organization.

Currently hiring is going for cooks, servers, managers, cashiers, retail personnel, retail managers and restaurant manager trainee. Relevant experience may lead you to sit on high ranked positions. Job responsibilities on all designations vary according to the requirements. Below are the posts, you can apply for.

Financial Analyst- This post is highly responsible for preparing financial plans, sales analysis, administrative cost and operating expenses as well as money expenditure for the restaurant and its employees. He needs to report and discuss the financial outcomes to the management executives.

Financial analyst supports all the departments and projects with financial resources, in order to meet the company’s goal. Few important requirements, include: 1) Bachelor’s certificate in Business, Finance or Accounting, 2) Minimum 3 years of work experience, 3) Brilliant written, oral and presentation skills, 4) Friendly with computer functions and 5) Solid decision taking and analytical skills.

Grill Cooks- Grill cooks at Cracker Barrel are deeply rooted in preparing food menus, such as cooking, inaugurating different recipes, placing timely orders and helping other staff members. Personal hygiene factors including quality standards and safety measures are important tasks in this role.

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Server- Server is another important job position at every restaurant. Companies are always in deep need of enthusiastic, dedicated and energetic employees. This role does not require any previous experience.

Servers at Cracker Barrel are bound to take food and drink orders, refill drinks, answering to guest’s queries and deliver food and beverages to customers. Salary for servers always starts from minimum pay ($7-$10 per hour).

Retail Manager- Retail managers are expected to function all the operations at retail stores and restaurants in smooth flow. They must encourage customer satisfaction as well as increment in the sales of the company. They must care for all departments at the food court. Retail manager’s annual salary ranges in between $20,000 to $30,000 per year.  You, as a manager need to possess strong qualities to handle pressure situations and encourage team members.

Advantages of working @ Cracker Barrel

Advantages of working at Cracker Barrel are same at few places if you compare it with other food brands. But on the other hand, professionals employed take the pleasure of working in an international environment. Cracker Barrel offers few very important facilities to its employees. These benefits include eye catching salary packages, munificent perks and incentives, one time free meal, annual bonus and yearly salary increment.

Loyalty and hard work of a worker makes him eligible to enjoy additional benefits. 401(k) retirement, paid job training, visiting locations overseas, personal time, drug coverage plan, accidental insurance, life insurance and sick leaves, etc. Online application form is the best way to grab complete information about Cracker Barrel.

Job Interview Questions for Cracker Barrel

  • What is your educational background?
  • What are your expectations from the organization?
  • Explain about yourself in short.
  • What qualities are required to handle rude customers?
  • Explain any memorable day of your life?
  • Can you stay for long time in case of emergency?
  • Why you want to work at Cracker Barrel?

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