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Crazy 8 is a retail chain in United States selling children’s apparels. These stores are located in all U.S. states including District of Columbia. The chain has international presence in 22 other countries, where it also facilitates shipping services. If you are seeking employment opportunities in retail sector or searching a job to pay off your bills, these retail stores may be your destination.

The chain runs as a subsidiary of Gymboree. Visit the company’s website – or and navigate to the career’s page. Download the employment application from there and submit the duly filled application form at a nearby store. The online store locator at may help you finding a store in your vicinity. Apply at a store as soon as possible. There may be a job opening for an entry-level position available at the time.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ Crazy 8: Monday-Saturday: 10:00AM-9:00PM; Sunday: 12:00PM-6:00PM.

Age Eligibility @ Crazy 8: 16 years old.

Career Opportunities @ Crazy 8: Sales associate, Maintenance technician, Store manager, Assistant store manager, Merchandise handler, District manager, Sales manager, Administrator.

History: Crazy 8 was founded as a subsidiary of Gymboree in 2007. The parent company branded it in the market of children’s apparels. The chain is a competitor of Old Navy and The Children’s Place. Unlike its competitors, it focused only on clothes and paid less attention towards selling toys, games and other kid’s accessories.

Additional Services: These stores focus their sales operations on children’s clothes. They also sell baby products and other items for infants and kids like toys, learning aids and games.

Presence: These stores have presence in all U.S. states including District of Columbia. The stores also provide shipping services in 22 countries including United Arab Emirates, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Austria, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Ireland, Belgium, Spain, Japan, Australia, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Denmark, Netherlands and Finland.

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Job Descriptions and Remuneration

These stores are always hiring sales associates. These entry-level workers help customers in purchasing and cooperate with other team members in accomplishing the inventory operations. The sales associates are usually the college students working after school or individuals doing the same as side job. They are paid between $7 and $10 per hour. There are other entry-level positions too, like merchandise handler, stock associate or cashier.

At managerial positions, qualified candidates having relevant education and experience are preferred. At these positions, candidates have to manage inventory operations, promote sales, hire entry-level workers, set schedules and perform financial and banking transactions. The management professionals are hired on salary between $30,000 and $68,000 per annum.

Advantages of Working @ Crazy 8

The chain is a part of a large corporation. The parent company runs retail stores at more than 600 locations. The employees receive several benefits whether working part-time, full-time or on contract. The part-time workers benefit from high hourly wages, paid time-off, flexible scheduling and incentives. The management professionals and employees working in corporate positions access 401(k) retirement plan, incentive plan, disability coverage, life and health insurance, monthly bonuses, paid leaves and holidays.

Job Interview Questions at Crazy 8

  1. Where were you working before this?
  2. Have you any experience of retail?
  3. Will you join part-time or full-time?
  4. When will you need holidays?
  5. What do you feel about selling something to children? Is it easy?
  6. Will you stay back if your replacement is late?
  7. How will you manage both your studies and this job?
  8. When can you join? Can’t you join immediately?
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Download Crazy 8 Job Application