Cricket Wireless Job Application

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Cricket Wireless is selling off incredible cell phone plans for years. That is the business, of which, it is a player. Currently, thousands of employees are working in the company and hundreds are hired every year. Unlike other telecom companies that have lots of technical jobs to offer, this company focuses hiring sales associates and customer service associates. Probably, this is due to the nature of business, it deals in.

The job aspirants can apply online to the company. They simply require navigating to the career’s page via corporate links at Browse the career categories and apply to a job that suits your qualification. A job at Cricket wireless is just a click away. Be prepared for an interview.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Cricket Wireless:- Working Hours varies by job title

Age Eligibility @ Cricket Wireless:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Cricket Wireless:– Marketing field manager, Retail sales representative, Internal auditor, Area marketing director, Human resource specialist, Regional financial analyst, Administrative assistant, Retail manager, Sales coordinator, Accounting manager, Regional general manager, Area general manager

History:- Cricket wireless is a subsidiary of Leap Wireless international. The company was founded in 1999. The parent company employs around 4000 employees and earns annual revenue about $2.5 billion. It trades under the ticker symbol LEAP in the New York Stock Exchange. Since its establishment, it is successful in reaching  5 million customers.

Additional Services:- Customers can buy cell phones, music accessories and broadband equipments from the retail stores operated by the company. The cricket stores are known for offering incredible deals and offers. The prime business of the company is selling and marketing cell phone plans.

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Presence:- The stores run by the company are spread in all states of the USA. These stores can be easily located in all major cities of the country.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

Unlike other telecom-companies this one does not provide wireless services instead it market and sell wireless services. The company has opened retail stores in all states of the country and market cell phone plans and devices through them. The stores also sell broadband devices and schemes. Hence, the company requires a large team of sales associates at the locations. Any individual above 18 having the aptitude for marketing can join as the retail sales associate. He/she has to sell cell phone plans, educate customers and move the sales processes in the job position.

Like, sales associates are hired by the company, management trainees and managers are too required. The managers may be appointed at various designations according to their work experience. They have to hire associates, plan marketing campaigns, oversee sales operations and take crucial decision that affect sales. They may have to meet out specific targets in higher management designations.

Advantages of Working @ Cricket Wireless:

The employees in the retail stores operated by the company are hired on salary. They get a package depending upon their experience, education and location. They access high base pays and get pension plan, healthcare advantages, dental and vision, life insurance, sales bonuses, disability coverage and other job benefits included by default. Some of the job perks are offered after six months in service. There are ample career advancement opportunities at all positions.

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Cricket Wireless Application

Job Interview Questions at Cricket Wireless:

  • Have you worked in a sales position before this?
  • Were you able to meet out assigned targets?
  • How can you boast up sales?
  • How will you keep the other team members motivated?
  • Will you be comfortable in transferring to other location?
  • How long will you like working with us?
  • Where do you see yourself after three years?