Crocs Job Application

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Crocs, inc. has passed eleven years of its existence. It emerges as the global leader whenever innovative footwear of the casual type for children, women, as well as men. The company offers many distinct collections of shoes, and an excess of 300 footwear styles for the four seasons. All shoes from Crocs™ feature material of Croslite™, revolutionary technology, and a proprietary, which gives every shoe the odor-resistant quality, lightweight, and the state of being comfortable and soft. These properties are already known and loved by the Crocs fans. One can try the ‘all new’ heels, boots, sandals, and sneakers. Since the beginning of the store in 2002, it has sold about two hundred million pairs of footwear while serving ninety countries on the globe. This was as close as the year 2011, when annual sales reached the $1 billion mark  

Organization Details

Working Hours – The store timings fall between 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. from Monday to Saturday; and from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Sundays.

Age Eligibility  – The candidate should be eighteen years old.

Career Opportunities   

The company holds many posts for eligible candidates aspiring to work as Stock Room Clerk, Retail Store Manager, Retail Team Member, and Retail Assistant Manager. Apart from these titles, one can even pick positions like Retail District Manager, Retail Development Coordinator, or Merchandise Planner.


Three friends named George Boedecker, Lyndon “Duke” Hanson, and Scott Seamans founded the store, at ‘Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show’, in Florida, in the year 2002. They performed the duty of the production and distribution of foam, the clog design was obtained from company from Quebec and was called ‘Foam Creations’. Basically, the shoe was developed as ‘spa shoe’.  ‘Beach’ was the first model from this company and was made public in the year 2002. This was at ‘Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show’, Florida and two hundred pairs were sold at that time.

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Additional Services

Many fashion accessories are for sale at this store. There are things such as the Jibbitz, which occupy ventilation holes of shoes and can be used as decorations. Also, Disney characters designs are included in this category aiming at small children. A range of purses holding an assortment of colors has also been released by this company. A big range comprising of winter wear also includes “Fuzz Collection” which has wooly liners that are removable. As far as the market dealing with golf shoes is concerned, this company took a plunge into this area, in 2008, and also acquired ‘Bite Footwear’, a manufacturer of golf shoes.

Community Initiatives

For healthy and happy feet all around the world, the company provides shoes for families and children who are in desperate need. More than 3,000,000 pairs of footwear were donated, and the process still goes on. This is how the company has worked for the benefit of the community and the population.

Environmental Initiatives

Creativity, ingenuity, and innovation form the spirit which makes the company become better. Efforts are guided by this spirit, and make them work in such a way that enhances and respects the people, the globe, as well as the environment.

Financial Stature

The company has the headquarters located in Longmont, in Colorado and the annual revenue generated is more than $20 million every year.

Job Descriptions & Remuneration

Sales Associate – Assisting the customers while they look for the favorite color and the suitable size of the footwear comes as the prime responsibility of Sales Associate. Helping to run the cash records and making sure of the cleanliness of the store, are also termed as the responsibilities of this worker. Running of special orders, as time demands, and also processing returns whenever brought back are other duties of the sales associate. The average salary of the sales associate is between $8 and $10 per hour.

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Shift Lead – The entire store would have to be run by the shift lead. Apart from assigning tasks, this worker performs duties identical to those of the sales associate. Customers who come with specialized transactions are to be dealt with be the shift lead, which is also called the team lead. This worker may also be helping the manager while the store is opened and closed every day. The managerial paperwork may also need assistance from this person and the salary paid to the shift lead is between $9 and $11 per hour.

Kiosk Manager – Crocks locations are sometimes also placed in malls. This further means that only one individual has to carry on the business at the store. The kiosk manager rings up customers, and also helps them while they choose their choice of merchandise. The position gets an average salary between $9 and $12 per hour.

Manager – The manager has to run the store apart from the everyday opening and closing it. The hiring of the staff for the store and performing the duties of associates are other job challenges for the manager. The average salary of a manager settles at close to $30,000 per year.

Advantages of working @Crocs

A competitive pay is received by the employees of Crocs, with flexible scheduling, and provision of a complete on-the-job training. The employees who are eligible, also enjoy job benefits like 401 (k) plan of retirement, healthcare and paid time off in addition to numerous other employment perks.

Crocs Job Application

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Job Interview Questions @Crocs

  • What are the possibilities of career growth after joining Crocs?
  • Can you explain the style currently in fashion with regards to footwear industry?
  • Which shoe brands in the market attract you the most with regards to quality and looks?
  • Does this environment which is driven by sales, attract you to work here?
  • What does the term ‘high quality service for customers’ mean, according to you?
  • For how long would you serve this company?
  • How can you counter irritated customers or individuals who are impatient?
  • Before you study a problem and make a decision, what steps do you take to solve it?
  • Can you describe your weaknesses, and ways to overcome them?
  • What philosophy do you follow while working in this company?