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The store used to work on the principle – “no frills; sack your own groceries …” and that is why it became famous. Cub Foods are proud of themselves on their unique combination of grocery as well as general merchandise in retail offerings. The pharmacy environment as well as the store work at a fast pace which is exciting, and makes the working lively as well as enjoyable and more productive. Cub Foods also provides opportunities for building a career all through the Midwest, so that talented people are tapped to make an impression on the customers.

In addition to this, the Cub Foods apart from being a unique workplace also offers a complete benefits package and also works as an opportunity attracting grocery and general store. It offers products like frozen foods, deli, bakery, grocery, daily, pharmacy, meat, bakery, liquor, snacks, and seafood.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ Cub Foods Job Application

The Cub Foods is open for twenty four (24) hours daily.

Age Eligibility @ Cub Foods

The applicant must be at least sixteen (16) years of age when applying for a position at Cub Foods.

Career Opportunities @ Cub Foods Job Application

The positions available at Cub Foods are:

Manager, Assistant Manager, Cashier, Bakery Clerk, Stock Associate, Produce Clerk, and Meat Clerk.


The Cub Foods Grocery store was founded in the year 1968, in Stillwater, by Jack and Charles Hooley and their brother-in-law Robert Thueson. Initially, the word ‘Cub’ (in the title) abbreviated for ‘Consumers United for Buying’ and it was among the foremost food stores offering total discount in the United States of America. In the year 1980, SuperValu, which was Minnesota-based, bought the chain, with 5 stores in Twin Cities. Subsequently, the chain stretched out and the number of stores equaled 83 expanded in 3 states. In the year 1999, WinCo Foods had taken over many of the Cub Foods stores. Eight stores were also operated in Colorado, but that was only until 2003 as most stores were sold to Kroger. In the 1980s and the 90s, many locations of the chain were operated by Delhaize Group in the Nashville and Atlanta areas.

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Many innovations have been created by Cub Foods, like being the first grocery chain operating the check-out conveyor belt method.


The Cub Foods operates about seventy three stores in locations such as Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

Community Initiatives Cub Foods

The Cub Foods is of the belief that giving charities only reflects the qualities of a gentle corporate citizen. The living quality of both the associates as well as the customers is enhanced on helping create communities that are stronger.  Satisfying customers even if it means going beyond the walls of the store is how the store defines being an excellent neighbor. Thriving and healthy communities also come into the focus of the store wherever community assistance comes into picture.  The charitable mission has the primary aim of ending hunger or starvation in communities in the local area. Organizations which promote education related to nutrition and also help to maintain a healthy lifestyle are funded by Cub Foods.

Environmental Initiatives

Cub shows its commitment to sustainable operations and stewardship related to the environment. Further, it will also support endeavors towards sustainability.

Financial Stature  

The Cub Foods annually makes annual revenue of an estimated $20 to 50 million.

Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration

Account Manager:-
At this job profile, the Account Manager is responsible for developing plans of joint business for supporting the tactical expansion of each account. This individual gains buy-in from customers and dedication regarding the plans and commended strategies. All this will help in spotting the customers’ needs and also tap opportunities which will save the existing business. Going with the flow, it also helps in developing latest business. Market analysis, best practices, and customer research are also shared, thus helping the retailer to position and successfully compete in the market. Annually, the Account Manager is paid between $33,000 and $52,000.

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Administrative Assistant:-
The Administrative Assistant completes the investigation and research work to enhance decision making and management efficiency. This will coordinate activities all around the department. This individual also follows up, ensuring satisfaction of requests made. The Administrative Assistant collects data and information from various sources for reports of specific departments, and also makes data comparison, and information. A yearly wage of $33,000 to $63,000 may be expected by the Administrative Assistant.

Compensation Manager:-
Compensation plans are developed and executed by the Compensation Manager. In addition to this, this individual has to develop strategies outlining actions supporting business goals of long- and short-range. Performances would be supervised by the person at this position against plans. Actions are also taken by him or her, as need be, guaranteeing that objectives are attained. The annual pay for the Compensation Manager is $81,000 to $88,000.

Advantages of working @ Cub Foods

Cub Foods provides numerous benefits as far as advantages by working with it are concerned. These include Employee Stock Ownership Plan or ESOP, 401 (k) profit sharing, flexible spending plan, Major Medical Insurance, Prescription Drug Programs, Dental Insurance, Voluntary Vision Plan, Personal Days, Life Insurance, Holiday Pay, Vacations, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Personal Days, Credit Union, Voluntary Benefits, Direct Deposit, Bonus Plans, and Annual Personal Performance Reviews.
Cub Foods Application

Job Interview Questions for Cub Foods

Many types of questions may be asked across the interview table. The candidate must get prepared to answer the probable questions and predict some questions as related to his or her education background and experience as well.

  • How do you plan to combat situations of high pressure and tension usually met with at even the normal work place?
  • Which one would you choose and give more importance – work or money, and why?
  • If situations demand, would you prefer to keep your own interests aside and favour the company instead?
  • Conflicting demands are a story of every store. How do you plan to face them and come out successful every time?
  • Can you describe an ideal job?
  • If travelling is required during your duty, is there any problem regarding the same?
  • Has there been any instance wherein you were asked to quit a job?
  • How do you plan to bring about improvement in yourself as time passes?
  • On being hired, what would be your tenure of working with this company?
  • This business wants contribution for improvement. How do you think would you contribute to this effect?
  • What is your ultimate aim in life?
  • What according to you are the positive traits in character that are lacking in you?
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