Culver’s Job Application

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Culver’s is a group of quick service restaurants having locations in 17 states of USA. These restaurants have been serving popular American foods for years. It is among fastest growing fast food chains in America. The chain provides employment to more than thousand individuals as crew members and restaurant managers every year. An individual must be at least 16 years of age and eligible to work in United States in order to find employment at these fast-food outlets. The main competitors of this private owned enterprise are McDonalds, Burger King and Wendy’s.

A candidate willing to get employed at these restaurants can apply online at the company’s website. Visit and click ‘careers’ in ‘Inside culver’s’ tab. Select for restaurant position or corporate position and opt one of the locations. Fill up an electronic form to complete application process. The applicants are assigned a login id and password, by which they can check the status of their application. Whenever, there will be a vacancy at location requested employment in, the applicants are called for an interview. Apply as soon as possible, so that you could be benefited by an early consideration.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Culver’s: – These restaurants operate daily between 10:00 AM and 11:00 PM

Age Eligibility @ Culver’s: – 16 years old

Career Opportunities @ Culver’s: – Team member, Shift supervisor, Assistant manager, Training coordinator, Restaurant manager, Maintenance technician, Accountant

History: – Culver’s had a debut in 1984 when George Culver, an experienced restaurateur purchased an A&W outlet and renovated it into Culver’s. In 1987, he was approached for first franchise that proved to be a failure due to loose agreement clauses. Soon, the company formulated stricter agreement norms, much of which are still in practice, and start expanding by franchising. By 1993, it succeeded in operating 14 restaurants in profit and stepped out to other states in 1995. Gradually expanding to various locations, it had 445 restaurants in 19 states of America by 2011. The corporate headquarter of this company is based in Prairie Du Sac in Wisconsin. The restaurant chain has become a brand known for its Butter burgers and Frozen Custard.

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Menu: – The menu of these restaurants serve a variety of fast food entries including sandwiches, fried chicken, jack pub burger, drinks, soups, salads, butter burgers, sundaes, cones, frozen custard, corn dog, cheese curds, onion rings and other side dishes and various combos as complete meals.

Presence: – These restaurants have presence at 445 locations in 19 U.S. states. Most of these stores are located in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois. In these states, they are more than 100 in numbers.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

At entry level, candidates are appointed as crew members. They are assigned routine jobs like cooking, cleaning, greeting guests, taking orders, serving, maintaining registers, organizing store and other day-to-day operations vital to keep restaurant running. They are often recruited on hourly wages. Their hourly wages range from $6 to $7. After relevant experience, crew members may be promoted to crew trainer or shift manager position. Crew trainers are paid hourly wages ranging from $8 to $10, while shift managers are paid between $8 and $9 per hour. Chefs receive a pay ranging from $12 to $13 per hour.

At management positions, candidates earn a salary ranging from $42,000 to $46,000 per annum. They are appointed as restaurant manager or assistant restaurant manager. The candidates having prior experience of restaurant operations are preferred at these designations. Managers are responsible for managing stores, doing hires of crew members; managing human resource, performing financial operations and reporting to the corporate headquarter. Marketing professionals are also hired, who perform business development and related operations.

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Advantages of working @ Culver’s:

Culver’s is a growing fast-food chain. Its employees earn a competitive salary and are given periodic appraisals. The eligible employees are provided various other benefits as well. For example, they avail 401(k) retirement plan, health and life insurance, paid vacations, holidays, accident protection scheme and paid time off. The employees hired on hourly wages, who have been working for at least 25 hours a week, are also given these benefits. Whether one wants to have a job to afford his/her living or seeking a career in food industry, he/she has plentiful opportunities at these restaurants.

Culver’s Job Application

Job Interview Questions at Culver’s:

  • Why Culver’s?
  • What you feel about your job?
  • What benefits you have in this job?
  • If a customer is rude to you, how will you handle the situation?
  • How your friends and relatives characterize you?
  • Will you like to receive food discounts? If yes, then why?
  • What can be your role at this designation in increasing our sales?
  • Where you see yourself after few years?