Customer Service Representative

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There are professionals and representatives responsible for serving customers and responding to their queries. These members of staff also resolve the problems as and when faced by customers, who may complain as callers, clients, visitors, or guests. The representative makes use of, or refers to records or the customer’s file and uses the information already fed in the account before taking the necessary steps or making the appropriate changes, before satisfying the complainant. The customer service representative can then bring about the necessary changes with reference to the account of the complainant, for instance, cancelling an order, or bringing about a change in the address.

This is a sample resume of an aspirant for the post of customer service representative:     

Susan McLaren
237 Metcalf Square
Casa Blanca, ST 43565
Call: (143) 723-5046


To work as a Customer Service Representative with a reputed company, and make use of the various abilities harvested by me all through these years.


Customer Service Representative

3/2008-Present, XYZ Universal Traders Company, Harvard, BT

Handling inquiries and complaints from irate customers, billing questions and receiving payments,  service requests/ extension etc. Calm the callers, who are angry while on the phone line, build trust, and find the resources adequate for solving problems.  

Key Accomplishments

Manoeuvred a deadline-driven workload, which carried top priority. Resolved more than two thousand inquiries every month and was able to complete the targets while counting on the volume of work done, accuracy, and the speed of delivering the outputs.

Major Accomplishments

Got recognition as the “Top Grade Customer Service Representative” in a total of 40 others, in the spring of 2006. The ranking was done on the basis of customer service, accuracy, availability, and duration of calls.

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Re-developed the program of on-the-job training, which reduced the time spent when undergoing training from nine weeks to five weeks.

Worked at a 6% sales growth in the year 2006 by techniques like tracking of sales in the market. 


  • 3/2002-8/2002, Positive Point Training Services for Customer Service Skills, Harvard University, and PT
  • Completed four 5-hour modules related to customer service training. The topics included how to:
  • Greet, transfer, and hold calls
  • Build a healthy rapport while listening, clarifying, and managing the flow of conversation
  • Handling distressed customers, challenging situations, and conflicts
  •  Delivering a service of top quality, while exceeding the expectations of the authorities, and make outlasting loyalty
  • Belief in team work and manoeuvring duties in a team and an environment that is self-directed


Type of Skill                                                                  Level             Last Used/Experience
Customer Service                                                          Professional        Currently using/5 years
Operations of Call Center Service                               Professional        Currently using/5 years
Expert Resolution of Disputes /Complaint Handling         Professional        Currently used/10 years
Generating Sales Lead                                                  Professional        Currently using/4 years
Records Manager / Data Entry                                   Professional        Currently used/4 years
Using the Multiline Phone                                           Professional        Currently used/4 years
MS-Excel, Word and Access                                         Intermediate     Currently used/10 years


Ready to change places

Willing to take trips and travel up to 40% of the office time