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CVS or CVS/pharmacy holds the second position in the pharmacy list within the United States and if you are looking for the job application of CVS you are on the right page. The store currently functions in over 41 states including 7,000 centers. CVS pharmacy performs retail business in prescription drugs, beauty products, film and photo finishing services, cosmetics, general merchandise, greeting cards, seasonal merchandise and convenience foods.

You can also reach the store online by logging at In addition, the pharmacy store also indulged in selling baby care products, such as food and formula, health, diaper and wipe, gift and toy, feeding and nursing, pregnancy products and nursery and home. Visit at your nearest CVS pharmacy branch today and experience a different world of drug facilities.

Organization Details (CVS Job Application)

Working Hours @ CVS Pharmacy: This pharmacy is open to its customers for 24*7.

Age Eligibility @ CVS Pharmacy: The firm employee individuals of 16 years old or above.

Career Opportunities @ CVS Pharmacy: Shift Supervisor, Pharmacy Technician, Sales Associate, Pharmacy Service Associate, Customer Service Associate, Beauty 360 Consultant, Beauty Care Associate, Pharmacy Technician, Medical Customer Service Representative, Photo Lab Associate, Customer Service Associate, Store Manager, Over Night Shift Supervisor, Cashier, Pharmacy Supervisor, Customer Care Representative, Summer Pharmacy Intern, Technical Support Representative, Pharmacist, Security, Assistant Manager, Administrative Assistant and Maintenance Mechanic.

History: In the initial year of the pharmacy’s operations, it was recognized as Consumer Value Stores. That time, the company was Melville Corporation’s subsidiary. In the year 1996, Melville reformed its name to CVS Corporation. CVS launched its first ever branch in Warwick and Cumberland, Rhode Island.

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In the starting of 1998, the organization purchased 207 outlets from Arbor Drugs. This deal allowed the brand to open a center in Michigan. It also helped CVS to survive strongly in Detroit market.

Presence: Till now (2012) CVS pharmacy has established its roots very deep in the international market. In 2010, this brand marked its presence in Puerto Rico together with Bayamon and San Juan. The company did not stop here. In the same year, it opened few more branched in Dorado, Vega Baja, Vega Alta, Arecibo, and Fajardo.    

Additional Services: All locations of CVS store globally, offers enormous services to general public. Apart from the major life-saving drugs, this renowned brand is also popular for cosmetics, soda, and snacks, etc. After getting associated with it, you can be benefited by various healthcare programs.

Community Initiatives: CVS pharmacy serves the community as their moral responsibility. The pharmacy store is dedicated to making the lives of children disability-free by donating over $25 million in five years. It also funds several research projects and innovative plans in most of the hospitals in the U.S.

Environmental Initiatives: CVS Caremark strives to maintain a sustainable and efficient business. The CVS Caremark is committed to efficiently make use of natural resources to prevent environment. The brand also seeks to widen the lifecycle of products and services sold at the chain stores and to raise health awareness among consumers.

Financial Stature: CVS pharmacy is an open subsidiary of CVS Caremark. This company is traded publicly, listed on S&P, NYSE, NASDAQ, and DIJA under CVS title. The organization majorly does a business of approximately $55 billion every year. The financially balanced corporation has the manpower of over 80,000 covering all 7,000 sites.

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Jobs Descriptions and Remuneration

CVS pharmacy is a great employer for its employees at all level. Due to its enlarged business, the brand needs to hire qualified applicants to provide excellent services to all customers.

CVS majorly recruit individuals to fill in the entry-level openings. At a certain time, the company also appoints career professionals for handling management positions. The chief post for which candidates are required on regular basis is mentioned below.

Cashier– Like other pharmacy stores, cashiers here also performs the same job tasks. A cashier should always assist the customers with their final purchases and maintain cash registers every day.

Additionally, your main job duty is to provide change, handle money, scanning of products, bagging items, cleaning the store, process payments, counting drawers and monitoring inventory levels. Cashiers always earn minimum amount $8 to $9 per hour. This figure can rise up till $14 according to the experience.

Management– Besides appointing workers on the entry level, CVS pharmacy also hires management professionals. Assistant managers, shift supervisors, pharmacy supervisors and store managers are the important positions on this level. Income on these posts may vary depending upon job title, location, and work experience. But their salary starts at $20,000 and can reach up to $50,000 per year.

Pharmacy Technician– As a pharmacy technician, you will have to help licensed pharmacists to aware about their job responsibilities and treating customers. Individuals before getting employed in this post must complete certain education level or certificate program. This position will make you earn a minimum of $8 to $10 per hour.        

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Advantages of Working @ CVS Pharmacy

Job facilities to all CVS employees are provided in the same amount. The most common benefit which is very essential for each worker is the working atmosphere and safety concern. A good and professional environment ties up the candidates to perform duties for a long time.

The list does not end here. Some of very attractive quality job training, competitive pay, employee stock purchase plans, flexible scheduling, education reimbursement, 401(k) retirement savings, flexible spending accounts, employee assistance programs, in-store merchandise discounts, vision, medical, disability, dental, life insurance plans are included here. You will also get company’s uniforms and your name tags.

Job Interview Questions for CVS Pharmacy

  • Do you possess any experience for the position applied for?
  • What is your area of concern to working in?
  • Explain your qualifications/skills.
  • What would you do if you see any suspicious activity within the store?
  • Are you comfortable in rotational shifts?
  • What will be your contribution towards organization’s success?

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