Dahl’s Foods Job Application

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Dahl’s Foods Inc. is a leading force as far as the grocery market of Iowa is concerned. This is a chain of grocery stores which provides foods of good quality along with customer service of exceptional class. All through Des Moines, IA, the store controls operation of thirteen locations which feature delis, bakeries, and produce sections. The store offers its customers complete floral, pharmacy, and photo labs services and that too at a reasonably affordable cost. It also offers its customers catering services which come from numerous locations and include sale of cheeses, meats that are farm produced.

At the neighboring Dahl’s store, just about anything can be done, from paying the payroll check, to mailing a package, to printing the family snaps, to taking a movie on rent, to even getting the gas refill. Dahl’s dedication to customer needs as well as the community is driven by its clear-cut approach as far as providing the experience of a hometown grocery.

The director of the company is David Sinwell, and the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer is Ross Nixon.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ Dahl’s Grocery Store

Dahl’s is open Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm. On Saturdays and Sundays, its time changes to 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Age Eligibility @ Dahl’s Grocery Store

One has to be at least sixteen years of age when applying for a post in this company.

Career Opportunities @ Dahl’s Grocery Store

The store typically hires qualified individuals to fill vacancies for the positions given below:

Customer Service Manager, Bilingual Sales Associate,  Forklift Mechanic, Grocery Sales Manager, Market Sales Manager, Guest Services Associate, Assistant Store Manager, Customer Service Associate, Deli Manager,  Market Associate, Produce Associate, Dairy Associate, Forklift Operator, Frozen Food Associate, Dairy Associate, Head Grocery Associate, Deli Associate, Bakery Associate, Head Grocery Associate, Bakery Manager, Meat Cutter,  DSD Receiver, Warehouse Shipping Manager, Market Team Member, Pharmacy Technician, Seafood Sales Manager, Warehouse Shipping, Specialty Merchandise Associate etc.

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The Dahl’s Foods was founded by W. T. Dahl in the year 1931. The supermarket of Dahl’s Grocery came into existence in 1948. This was the prime supermarket bakery which lay amid the Mississippi and the Rocky Mountains. The company was traded to employees and organized using the title ‘Foods Inc.’ in the year 1970. At present, there are thirteen stores run and serve the communities of Ames, Ankeny and Des Moines. The regional chain of grocery products in joint venture with Mercy Medical Center also includes in-store Quick Care Clinics at several locations.

As grocery stores were introduced in Des Moines, in the earlier days, Dahl’s store began as a base, serving and supporting the families thriving here.      

Presence -The store can be found Des Moines, Clive, Johnston, Ankeny, and Ames.

Community Initiatives
Dahl’s shows its commitment in supporting organizations and programs that make life different and better as far as neighbors and shoppers are concerned. When one shops at the local Dahl’s store, it means contributing to the programs supporting the community. For a prosperous and growing community, the Dahl’s feels proud of contributing to programs for community outreach. Many civic, non-profit, and charitable organizations like Girl Scouts, YES Duck Derby and many more get the vital support they need to work and exist.

Dahl’s Foods Job Application

Job Descriptions & Remuneration

Managers – The Managers at Dahl’s include store managers and supervisors. They perform the duty of hiring and training fresh employees. Apart from this, scheduling of associates, enforcing protocol, resolving conflicts, as also, overseeing shipping and receipt of goods come under the duties of the Manager. The Department Manager gets a starting hourly wage of ~$14.00. Assistant Store Managers get a mean wage of $30,000 annually. Store Managers may get close to $60,000 yearly.

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Advantages of working @ Dahl’s Grocery Store

At Dahl’s Grocery store, qualified supermarket workers usually get many extra earnings apart from the wages. These are 401 (k) plans for retirement, discounts on services and products, insurance options and paid time offs. It also depends on the position of the worker and the location of the Dahl’s store as to the specificity of the job benefits provided.

Job Interview Questions for Dahl’s Grocery Store

There can be numerous questions that can be predicted for the job interview stage. However, some probable questions are framed so as to give the applicant an idea of the some types of querys being asked by the interviewer. Depending on the academic qualifications and the valid experience gained by the interviewee, the questions that may be asked at this round may also be predicted and the relevant answers prepared beforehand:

  • Do you think that you need some additional training before joining Dahl’s Store?
  • When do you perform in a better way? When in a team or while working alone?
  • You do not have much of an experience. How do you plan to overcome that?
  • How do you usually interact with the Management?
  • If granted multiple job offers, which one would you choose?
  • If you had made enough money, would you prefer to retire and take rest at the present stage?
  • What are the qualities you would look for if given a chance to hire anyone at this position?
  • Has there been any challenge that you faced and overcame with victory in the recent past?
  • Before concluding to a valid decision, what are the steps followed by you to study a particular problem?
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