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If you want your investments in safe hands and preserve it for meeting your present and future needs, you can take the financial and investment services provided by Davenport And Company because the company have expert and talented employees who can preserve your investments for today and the future. It is not only individuals who can achieve their financial goals with the company’s services, but investors can also be highly benefited on meeting their wide range of needs such as trusts and estates, foundations, personal assets, business ownership and more.

Organization Details

Brief History

The foundation history of Davenport & Company began with the formation of The Davenport Insurance Corporation in 1861 by Charles E. Wortham and Isaac Davenport, Jr. The foundation history of the funding business only started in 1863, when the firm expanded into banking and investment fields, followed by the firm even after 150 years. The firm was incorporated in 1972.

In 2013, the company is celebrating 150 years anniversary at New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The company is fully employee owned, and member of the NYSE, SIFMA, FINRA and SIPC. The headquarters office is located at One James Centre, 901 East Cary Street, Suite 1100, Richmond, Virginia 23219. The branch offices of the company are located in Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina.

Products & Services

Davenport & Company is meeting the financial and investment needs of investors since last 150 years till date. The company is providing professional and expert services through 19 offices in Mid-Atlantic Region with more than 425 associates and 175 Investment Executives. The company is full-service firm and offers a wide array of investment services including investment management, public finance, stock and bond brokerage, research, corporate finance services and financial planning.

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Working Age: 18 years old

Operation Hours: Monday-Friday: 9:00am-5:00pm; Saturday: 9:00am-2:00pm; Sunday: Closed.

Davenport & Company Careers

Davenport & Company is providing expert financial and investment services to clients since its foundation, 150 years back. The company’s accomplishments are also as a result of dedicated and talented associates and investment executives. There are constant requirements of competent professionals to forward company mission and values on serving clients with top-level services. The corporate and branch offices of the company frequently come up with job openings for both entry level associates and investment executives and administration level employees. The career page of the company http://www.davenportllc.com/careers/careers.asp lists all current openings available with the company.

The company has current openings for following positions:

  • Branch Operations Administrator – Richmond
  • Corporate Services Administrator
  • Public Finance Analyst-Charlotte
  • Public Finance Analyst-Richmond

Job Description

Corporate Services Administrator: Location: Richmond, VA.

Job Summary: Support for the Corporate Office. Process and deliver incoming and outgoing mails, internal company correspondence and overnight packages. Organize office facilities for each business day, beginning and closing.  Operate b&w and colour printers, and high speed scanners. Pickups and hand deliveries, kitchen area maintenance, and perform additional assigned duties.

Public Finance Analyst

Location: Charlotte, NC

Job Summary:

Work in the finance department with senior investment bankers on different projects. Responsibilities include, offering statements and preparing proposals, financing option analysis, preparing client reports, financial research and quantitative analysis. In addition, he/she also perform strategic options evaluation, economic and financial data comparison, and presentation material designs.


The applicants can e-mail their resume and salary requirements for the desired positions to Application@invest devanport.com

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Davenport & Company Benefits

The company also provide lucrative benefit package including retirement plan with10% of eligible wages contribution, healthcare coverage choice, long-term and short-term disability policies, life insurance, paid time off and more.

Davenport & Company Application

Davenport & Company Interview Questions

  • What motivates you in your work?
  • What do you know about our company?
  • Are you comfortable working in any location?
  • Which shift hours are you looking?
  • Have you worked in a supervisory position, if so, describe your experience?
  • How can you motivate others?
  • Can you manage a stressful situation?
  • Describe any incidence from your past working and how were you impressed by it?
  • How would you motivate associates under you?
  • What are your important past-times?