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Del Taco, a fast-food restaurant chain of America, known as an expert in delivering American food stuff including fries, burgers and shakes along with American style Mexican fare. This food brand has been handled by Mr. Paul Murphy, chairman and CEO, who sits in office headquarters in Lake Forest, California.

Del Taco here makes available a wide range of delicious products which cannot be compared with other competitors. Consumable stuff famous in the eyes of customers are Cheddar Potato Poppers, Chilli Cheddar Fries, Deluxe Taco Salad, Triple Del Cheeseburger, Quesadillas, Crinkle Cut French Fries, Bacon Double Del Cheeseburger, Nachos and Double Del Cheeseburger together with four varieties of Breakfast Burritos.

The food court leads in 16 states of the USA, including large number of outlets on west coast and areas of western region. Recently the company has signed a deal with Larry Blumberg & Associates, about opening approx 20 channels in Dothan, Alabama. This will help the organization in setting up new markets in Northern Florida and Alabama. Online application form provides detailed information associated with Del Taco including job opportunities.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ Del Taco: The food court is open for 24*7.

Age Eligibility @ Del Taco:  16 years is the minimum age requirement.

Career Opportunities @ Del Taco: Cook, Team Member, Specialty Cook, General Manager and Customer Service Specialist.

History: Del Taco (Earlier Casa del taco) started in 1964 in Yermo, California by two partners David Jameson and Ed Hackbarth. On the starting day, it made a business of $169. The restaurant’s success made both the partners to open its branches in Needles, Barstow, and Corona.

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Presence: Del Taco officially operates in 525 sites of California including 15 outlets in Western states. Also, 290 food stores are managed by company itself while rest all are franchises working globally. In early 2004, restaurant’s assets were sponsored by Leonard Green & Partners and Charlesbank Capital Partners jointly. Del Taco is serving in these cities Menifee, California; Denver, Colorado; Rock Hill, South Carolina; Denton, McKinney, Las Vegas, Nevada; Dallas, Plano, Irving, Texas and Colorado Springs. From the end of March, 2006, Del Taco LLC is operating as a subsidiary of Sagittarius restaurants, LLC        

Additional Services: Including a huge list of menu items, Del Taco gained popularity majorly for its bean and cheese burrito with green or red sauce. The food brand serves a variety of consumable products, such as burritos, tacos and quesadillas along with fast food items like French fries, shakes and hamburgers.   

Financial Stature:  As a former fast food centre, Del Taco has shared its position with Denver based sandwich Quiznoz. To get strong financial support with the effect of business increment, the restaurant has made vast changes in its management, marketing, finance and operations line up.

This has marked significant changes in 2011 when the food court’s revenue reached the level of $591 million. The brand to celebrate its success launched 67 more outlets in Orange County and also employed 1,250 workers for management.

Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration

To plant its roots deep in international markets, the brand continuously needs to appoint qualified and career oriented professionals at all levels. A big percentage of people are hired for the entry level positions. No particular experience is required for this level.

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Company look for young, dynamic and energetic applicants to take the charge. At some point of time, requirement also arises for managing the organization’s operational process and maintaining professional work atmosphere. Generally people with relevant experience are appointed on administrative chair. Most commonly, these are the designations which regularly need employee’s restaurant general managers, assistant managers, shift leaders, systems engineers, customer service specialists, team members and payroll clerk. Below are few positions explained in detail. Have a look.

General Manager- Professionals holding this specific designation are entitled for directing a team that brings valuable outcomes in guest service, labour hours, quality, cleanliness, security, product preparation and food cost. Additionally, other duties involve managing workforce as well as employment requirements. These include hiring, disciplining, evaluating, training, staffing, discharging and financial performance.

General Managers directly reports to the Area Directors or Area Managers. They present all the business issues, requirements and goals, essential for smooth running of the operations globally.

Restaurant Crew Member- The major statistics involved for attending cafe’s sales and cash inflows is about cleanliness, customer service and quality. Crew members are responsible for completing the tasks allotted by top management. Working stations need to be clean and customer attractive.

They must possess admirable communication skills for communicating with customers, management, restaurant employees, and corporate staff. Moreover, a few other duties include leading new product, cross-training current employees and appropriate portion control.

Management- Management positions at Del Taco generally involve assistant managers, general managers and shift supervisors, etc. People staffed on these titles need to take over special job tasks, such as appointing new employees, schedule associates, giving them training and also send daily operational reports to directors.

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Their income also varies depending upon the nature of work performed. Minimum figure of their salary starts from $20,000 and can rise up till $40,000 per annum.

Advantages of working @ Del Taco

Employees working at Del Taco, experience massive job benefits offered by the company. It includes providing comfortable as well as international work environment. Whether you are an entry level associate or top executive, equal opportunities are given to each worker.  Features which work out for the flexible survival of employees include reasonable salary structure, munificent perk and gratuity, 401(k) retirement plan, Employee Stock Purchase plan and paid time off, etc.

Certain profitable options, related to health and life of professionals, are disability coverage, dental, life, vision care plan and accidental death insurance. Additionally, workers can also avail a fixed percentage of discounts on certain food stuffs and beverages. Through online application form, everything can be understood in details.

Job Interview Questions for Del Taco

Below are few important interview questions:

  • As a team member what will be your basic responsibilities?
  • What type of job role are you looking here for?
  • Can you perform your task in a speedy work environment?
  • Are you comfortable working in shifts?
  • Do you have any work experience in sales field?

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