Delta Airlines Job Application

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Delta Airline is the largest airline in the world. It has been hiring thousands of candidates every year in different departments and jobs. There are many prestigious jobs that you can desire of doing at Delta Airline. Of course, looking to the size of the airline, there are both unlimited jobs and unlimited career advancement opportunities at this airline.

If you want yourself doing your dream job, apply at the Delta airline online. You can find jobs in cargo, ramp operations, pilot, technical operations, flight attendant,  ticketing, gate customer service, reservation sales, corporate and management. Select a job that matches your educational qualification and experience. If you are an eligible candidate, you will not find difficulty in getting a job at Delta Airline. For many jobs, you only need be over 18 years of age and satisfy legal eligibility.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Delta Airlines:- Work hours varies by job title.

Age Eligibility @ Delta Airlines:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Delta Airlines:– Flight crew member, Manager, Baggage handler, Ramp agent, Ticketing clerk, Reservation agent, Pilot, Technician, Engineer, Co-pilot, Flight attendant, Financial analyst, Operations supervisor, Cargo handler

History:- The Delta airline came into existence in 1924. It started with cargo services and entered passenger services in year 1929. During its corporate journey, it acquired and merged many small airlines to it. Today, Delta is the largest airline in the world having around 750 airplanes in its fleet. The flights are operated all round the world.

Additional Services:- Delta airline operates many different airlines under same corporation. The Delta Connection Academy, Delta Connections, Western Airlines and Delta AirElite Business Jets are some of the main airlines that Delta owns. It has flights across 390 destinations spanning round the globe.

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Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

There are more than 75,000 employees working in the Delta Airline. It recruits thousand s of candidates every year. One can secure his /her career as pilot or flight attendant at the airline or can also earn his/her living doing jobs in cargo, sales or ramp operations.

Pilot is the most adventurous and desired job among all offered by the airline. You need to pass a pilot course and acquire a license for it. The airline offers an internship program that may help you confirm your appointment as a pilot in Delta. Similarly flight attendants also require going through job-oriented training programs plus internships.

In case, your mission is simply to earn for yourself, there are many jobs that can be worked on an hourly basis. Most common among them are of ramp agent, security officers and gate customer service. The ticketing service agents work in part-time shifts, and there are always jobs in this position. If you hold required qualification, you can also try for jobs in administration, management and corporate office.

Advantages of Working @ Delta Airlines:

What do you expect from a job? A good salary, a pension plan, medical facilities, life and healthcare insurance, career advancement opportunities, paid trainings, appreciation, enjoyable work environment and what leaves. Delta has more perks to offer you. You avail them depending upon you job position. If you are a flight attendant or pilot or in any in-flight service, the most intriguing perk for you will be the air travel that will do for free. Suppose, you did not join such jobs, you are a cargo handler, ramp agent or gate service representative, you receive a handsome pay for a part-time job. If you are in sales, your already good salary is complimented with sales incentives and bonuses. Then, travel packages and discount coupons are surely for all employees.
Delta Airlines Job Application
Job Interview Questions at Delta Airlines:

  • Why this profession?
  • Why Delta Airlines?
  • Can you cope up with work stress?
  • How will you maintain coordination with other team members?
  • Do you think that you have the leadership skills?
  • How long will you work with us?
  • Have you any drug addiction?
  • What is your age?
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