Dental Receptionist Resume No Experience

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A reader going through the resume for a dental receptionist at entry level with no experience is hard to satisfy. An effective resume can be written by means of highlighting the relevant capabilities and transferable skills.

The dental receptionist performs the job of providing light support towards administration at the dental clinic or facility. He or she may have to receive the phone calls for the planning of appointments, other queries, greeting patients upon their arrival, plus making sure that the file work or paperwork. Ability and skills like these only make your resume more attractive. The example that follows would provide you with a better design regarding what to write in a resume without experience.

Dental Receptionist Resume – No Experience

Claudia Crawford
9016, Skill Street, Rhode Island, CA 52678
Phone: (454) 559-9595, Email:



Looking for the position of a ‘Dental Receptionist’ while my skills associated with customer care, front desk, and administration are fully utilized.


High School Diploma – 2010


  • Retain the ability to assist the clients when they communicate regarding all information about the products or for fixing appointments over the telephone
  • Outstanding comprehension over performance of operations of the front desk, like managing the respective paperwork and greeting the patients
  • A complete understanding related to the needs of follow up calls and further reminders linked to the procedure
  • Complete knowledge related to the provision of appropriate information to enquiries
  • Gained mastery in MS Excel, PowerPoint, and Word
  • Trilingual with knowledge of English, German, and Spanish


  • Capable of providing excellent services to the customers
  • Can handle incoming calls on the telephone efficiently
  • Good written and verbal skills of communication
  • Carry the ability of multitasking, along with being vigilant towards details
  • Can take care of large volumes of work and that too efficiently
  • Possess a proven capability of working under highly stressful conditions
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  • Performed and managed the TA duties
  • Was a member of Kentucky Club
  • Captain of riding and swimming club when at school


  • Performed duties in the role of voluntary receptionist at the Dental and Medical Faculty to Louisiana
  • Provided services to NGOs, like ‘Green Earth’, which works towards conservation of the environment