DHL Job Application

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The DHL Company belongs to the logistics industry. In the global market, it provides services using all forms of transportation. The DHL is a leader because it endeavours to provide services to China, Vietnam, and even to remote Eastern Bloc countries.  The ‘Deutsche Post AG’ is now the owner of DHL, which was purchased in the year 2002. The owner is also among the largest employers on the globe, with a network comprising of about 220 nations. It also employs around 450,000 workers all around the world. There is a provision of a global environment for workers to work and enjoy new opportunities, exciting challenges to combat, and, not to forget, the exuberance that follows success.

Organization Details

Working Hours

The mail delivery company works from Monday to Friday: 9:00am to 4:30pm. It observes holidays on weekend.

Age Eligibility

The candidate must have attained eighteen years of age, when applying for any position at DHL.

Career Opportunities

Numerous opportunities are available for aspirants seeking a position in this company. Some of the positions are listed below:

  • District Sales Manager
  • Sales Associate
  • Driver
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Supervisor
  • Package Handler
  • Account Executive
  • Customer Facing Agent
  • Field Service Agent
  • Service Manager
  • Supply Chain Specialist
  • Operations Manager
  • Senior Pricing Analyst
  • Service Manager
  • International Cross Trade Specialist and many more.


The ‘DHL’ was originally a San Francisco – Honolulu service of document delivery, way back in the year 1969. It challenged competition from other popular courier companies like UPS and DHL, after starting delivering courier items within the United States of America.

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The headquarters of this courier company can be found in Bonn, Germany. The services provided by DHL are widely spread all across the globe. It has reached countries like Burma, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Cuba, and North Korea. The services provided by the company range from logistics support and shipping and it attends many customers, governments, as well as to the businesses all across the world. Close to 423,348 employees work for this courier network all over the world.

Financial Stature

 The revenue earned by the company in the financial year 2012 was 55,512 million Euros. The figure in 2011 was 52,829 million Euros. Thus from operating activities in the financial year 2012, it earned a profit of Euros 9.4million. The quarterly earnings of the company in 2011 were Euros 14, 126 million while the financial year 2012 saw quarterly earnings of Euros 14,577 million. This indicated a profit of Euros 3.2 million.

Job Descriptions & Remuneration

Supervisor – The supervisor to customer service has to work in call centre. He has to keep a watch as to whether the employees are satisfied and the business moves on at a smooth pace. As a part of the duties, the supervisor must do the best to solve any problems the customer might be facing, and all possible solutions may be officially suggested. The Supervisor’s salary starts from more than $13 per hour.   

Customer Service Representative – The customer service representative is responsible for assisting customers as they place their orders or inquire about the whereabouts of their parcels or packages. Enhancing the popularity of the company, this representative even ensures that the deliveries arrive in one single instalment. This individual gets an average salary between $8 and $13 per hour.

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Field Supervisor – Keeping an eye over the territories and maintaining a constant watch all around are the fundamental duties of a field supervisor. This individual keeps a vigil over the performance of a driver by attending complaints from customers and further tried to rectify them. The field supervisor gets an average salary between $42,000 and $66,000 per year.

Package Handler – Apart from helping load the trucks, which are meant for delivery of the goods, the package handler has to work in the warehouse and sorts out the boxes. He also helps to load trucks meant for the delivery purposes. The delivery items that carry formidable weight are to be lifted or carried by the package handler, who gets an average salary of more than $9 per hour.

Driver – The driver carried the prime responsibility to deliver the packages or parcels to households and even businesses. A particular route is given to the driver to follow every day as the goods are to be delivered in a time bound fashion. The driver solves all issues that arise therewith. The driver gets an average wage of more than $12 per hour.  

Advantages of Working

There are some advantages, to be enjoyed by working with this company. As far as health of the employees is concerned, the company provides packages such as dental, vision etc for its eligible employees. Then there are paid vacations, sick days, and personal days. The eligible employees also take advantage of retirement packages, which have the 401 (k) plans. Employees even get discounted packages and additional perks.

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DHL Job Application

Job Interview Questions

  • Can you judge whether or not the customer is satisfied with the services provided by you?
  • Do you have the knowledge about the origin of courier services in the world?
  • How will you combat a situation wherein delivery of the parcel was late due to unforeseen circumstances?
  • What is the level of confidence you carry while pursuing the activities in everyday life?
  • What do you have to say about relocation?
  • What will you do to maintain a balance between your personal time and the time you are at the duty?
  • What are the types of hobbies cultivated by you?
  • From where did you get your highest level of education?
  • Can you consider enjoying overtime, as and when need arises?
  • How will you manage time to deliver the goods right on time at all destinations accurately?