DIGITEL Wireless Job Application

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DIGITEL Wireless is a telecom company in United States engaged mainly in cable integration services. The company is frequently hiring VOIP sales associates and keeps on opening vacancies in various corporate positions. The candidates, who wished to work in a professional environment and want their career take the next leap, must apply to a job there.

The job application procedure is as that simple. You simply require checking a suitable vacancy open right now. If there’s a vacancy for you right now, apply immediately by sending your resume. Even if, there’s not a vacancy right now, you can sign up for company’s news letter and be informed about the latest job openings. The eligibility criteria for a job are posted along the job ad. Check it out carefully before you apply. You must satisfy them before the job application.

Organization Details:

Working Hours :- Working hours varies by the job titles

Age Eligibility :- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ DIGITEL Wireless:– sales associate, online sales associate, Customer service representative, General Manager, Assistant manager

History:- DIGITEL Wireless was founded in the year 1983 in Atlanta, Georgia. Bryan C. Tate founded the company. It has been providing broadband services since then. Currently, the services offered by the company are available in nine districts in Southern U.S. States. It is a subsidiary of Camvera Networks, which was formerly called Tri-State Broadband.  The company serves to thousands of clients and is actively providing services in domains like broadband services, cable integration, wireless communication infrastructure, and communication solutions for small and mid-sized business enterprises.

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Additional Services:- The Company is primarily engaged in cabling and installation and support services for wireless networks. It also provides storage solutions and data centre management services. And recently the company has stepped into cloud services.

Presence:- DIGITEL provides its services in around nine districts in the southern states of the USA. It operates as a regional cable integration company.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

A myriad of jobs are offered by the company in various capacities. The candidates from a technical background in communication engineering or computer networks can join in technical positions. Apart from the engineering jobs, management professionals are required in a large number. For most of the openings in management jobs candidates require satisfying the work experience requirements.

At entry-level, there are jobs of sales associates and customer service representatives. These workers need not be graduate holder from any specific discipline. Even high school diploma holders can apply to these jobs. In these jobs, they have to receive calls, inform about company’s services and policies, and troubleshoot their problems and providing assistance.

Advantages of Working @ DIGITEL Wireless:

The job opportunities in the DIGITEL Wireless lead to high salary packages and bonuses. The employees are benefitted from dental insurance, vision insurance and medical insurance. They are provided a 401(k) retirement plan well to secure their future needs. They also avail paid vacations and holidays. The professionals working in management get holiday packages and discount coupons for entertainment and food. The cell phone and car allowance are given to eligible workers.
DIGITEL Wireless Job Application

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Job Interview Questions at DIGITEL Wireless:

  • Please introduce yourself?
  • Where have you worked before this?
  • How will you resolve conflicts between team members?
  • What do you think keeps workers motivated?
  • How do you relate this job with your career?
  • Do you have any references?
  • Which career advancements do you seek with DIGITEL?
  • Why DIGITEL?