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The Dillard’s chain of department stores is a continually expanding chain which, in recent times, attached stores in many shopping centers that were non-custom malls. Currently, Dillard’s has its largest store at 33,000 m2 and it is situated in Scottsdale Fashion Square which is a surrounded super-regional shopping center in Scottsdale, Arizona. The products offered by Dillard’s Department Store are linked to furniture, beauty products, footwear, jewelry, clothing, housewares, and electronics.

In the Dallas region, there is a flagship stock up at the chic Northpark Center. While the flagship store of East Coast expanse is situated in the fashionable MacArthur Center of the business district of Norfolk, Virginia, the parent store forming this chain is located in Little Rock. The divided store finds its place in style-conscious Park Plaza Mall. By January 2011, there were about 308 Dillard’s stores employing 38,900 workers.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ Dillard’s Job Application: The store operates from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm while on Sunday: 12:00 noon to 6:00 pm.

Mon-Sat: 10:00am-9:00pm; Sun: 12:00pm-6:00pm.

Age Eligibility @ Dillard’s Job Application: The applicant must be at least 18 years of age.

Career Opportunities @ Dillard’s Job Application:

Sales Associate, Licensed Cosmetologist, Selling Business Manager, Assistant Store Manager, Areas Sales Manager, Assistant Buyer, Sales Specialist, Store Manager, Sales Representative, Stylist, Maintenance Engineer, Massage/Esthetician Therapist, Retail Advisor, Fashion Photographer, Advertising Billing Coordinator, Guest Care Coordinator/Receptionist, Estee Lauder Business Manager, Facilities Maintenance Worker.  


Mr. William T. Dillard founded the ‘Dillard’s Department Store in 1938 in Arkansas. He first started by selling the Nashville store and developed a bigger store in Texarkana, in Arkansas, basically as the marginal associate in the Wooten & Dillard department stores. In 1956, Mr. Dillard guided an investment faction and attained the Mayer & Schmidt store located in Tyler, Texas. After acquiring the Brown-Dunkin store, it was a change in 1960. Following the success, due to the turnaround, he went forward and purchased Joseph Pfeifer Store of Little Rock, Arkansas. By early 1964, a similar store also in Little Rock was acquired and was named as Gus Blass Co. the name of the store was changed and ultimately, the stores got the name of ‘Dillard’s Mayer & Schmidt’.  It was only in 1974 when the store got replaced by a mall-based setting placed south of Tyler.

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The Dillard’s Department Store is a major chain of department stores in the United States, based in Arkansas at Little Rock. In twenty-nine states, there are 330 stores, with more stores found in Florida and Texas. Dillard’s Department Stores can also be found in Georgia, Oklahoma, Arizona, Mississippi, Iowa, Ohio, Tennessee, Alabama, Nevada, Kentucky, Kansas, South Carolina, North Carolina and Indiana.

Financial Stature:

The Dillard’s store presented a thirteen-week income for the period ending January 28, 2012, which came to be $141.5 million i.e. $2.77 per share. In addition to this, there is also a $44.5 million pre-tax credit included in the net income. The Company has a potential to record a net income close to $112.8 million, which in other words is equal to $2.21 for each share.

Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration


The Manager is responsible for directing the employees and providing the business directions and knowledge of operations as proposed by senior managers. This individual is responsible for directing the financial plans as well as performing the strategies of advertising. As far as the current position of the business is concerned, she or he reports to officers in the higher ranks in the administrative hierarchy. They are usually paid $36,500 annually.

Areas Sales Manager

The responsibilities of an Area Sales Manager lie in the departments that fall in his segment and how work goes on in them. He has to make sure that there is sufficient staff present, merchandise is in store, and a smooth running is observed by the department. The average annual pay for the Area Sales Manager is about $38,000.

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Assistant Buyer

Buyers purchasing products are helped by the Assistant Buyer while they shop. These Assistant Buyers work for the customers as they have a vast knowledge of the products, their make, and the ways of shipping and storing goods. The average annual pay for the Assistant Buyers is close to $36,400.

Sales Associate

Sales Associates usually work by helping stocking merchandise, customers and further by collecting payment linked to merchandise purchased by the consumers. The responsibility of assuring that there is merchandise present in the stock lies on the Sales Associate. Also, they are responsible for reassuring that the items for sale are marked clearly prior to sale. After selling, the merchandise is marked to indicate its normal price. The average salary of a sales associate comes close to $10.10 per hour.

Sales Specialist

The Sales Specialist calculates and projects the impending sales to be made by the company. Further, the responsibility of ensuring that the predicted sales are made in the expected time lies on a Sales Specialist. The eligible candidate should also be having stupendous skills in services, selling products and carrying out the sales to customers. The usual salary offered to a sales specialist is $11.15 per hour.

Advantages of working @ Dillard’s

There are many types of benefits and advantages provided by the Dillard’s store for its employees. Some of them can be listed as Paid Holidays and Vacations, Health Insurance, Retirement plan, Life Insurance, Vision/ Dental coverage, in addition to Generous Employee discount programs.
Apply for Jobs @ Dillard’s

Job Interview Questions for Dillard’s Job Application:

There can be numerous questions which can be asked during the interview session of the job application. Some of them are framed below but the candidate can also predict more questions with reference to the qualifications and valid experience gained to date.

  • Frame the reasons that propel you into joining a department store like Dillard’s?
  • Can you manage to work with flexible schedules?
  • The sales environment gives many experiences which may be sweet or sour. Can you recall any?
  • According to your understanding, what is ‘customer care’ in the present state of affairs?
  •  How do you plan to manage to meet and exceed the expectations of your manager?
  • What will plan would you follow such that the customers’ complaints and problems are solved effectively?
  • What will you do to attract the customers to visit the store more often for making repeated purchases?
  • Many customers demand petty discounts on purchasing an item. What would you do to tackle such customers?
  • On what positive point is shown by you, should the company take you into consideration for hiring?
  • Working in a team, how would you propel the sales of this company?
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