Disney Land/Disney World Job Application

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Walt Disney Company is popular for its cartoon characters all over the world. The company is operating in a number of other fields along with animation and movie production. The company maintains two amusement parks in United States, which are counted among the most visited entertainment resorts of the world. The company is also active in providing cruise services and runs Walt Disney family museum in San Francisco, California.

The company requires a large staff for maintenance and renovation of its amusement parks, museum and keep running its cruise line. Most of the job opportunities are for full-time positions whether they are of professional level or the entry-level. The candidates seeking seasonal employment can also live up with their hopes. When the amusement parks are most crowded in winters, Disney starts recruiting seasonal employees. You may be looking for a career opportunity or working in Disney would be yours childhood dream, the company is ready hire you provided you satisfy some educational requirements.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Disney Land:- Monday-Saturday: 11:00PM-12:00AM; Sunday: 12:00PM-9:00PM

Age Eligibility @ Disney Land:- 17 years old

Career Opportunities @ Disney Land:– Guest service associate, Ticket sales agent, Cruise staff member, Desk assistant, Artist, Actor, Entertainment host, Ground keeper, Hotel merchandiser, Account sales representative, Cook, public product manager, Ride operator, Maintenance technician, Traffic manager, Character impersonator, Stateroom host, Youth activities counsellor, Musician, Photographer, Housekeeper, Manager, retail associate, Wiper, Visual designer, Lifeguard, Sales associate, Ground pick up associate, Recreation host, Medical assistant, DJ

History:- Walt Disney is running two amusement parks – Walt Disney world resort at Orlando, Florida and Disney Land in Anaheim, California. It is also operating theme parks in Tokyo, Paris and Hong Kong. It will open a theme park in Shanghai soon. These theme parks feature numerous rides, coaster rollers, entertainment zones and kid’s games in the typical Disney style combined with entertainment by Disney character impersonators. Along with these theme parks, the company also operates Walt Disney museum in San Francisco. The museum is dedicated to Walt Disney and displays  his creations and awards he got in his life.

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The company also operates a cruise line. It has many ships in its fleet. The ships pick up customers from Los Angeles Port of California and Port Canaveral of Florida and take them to the amusement park.

The company is listed in Frankfurt, London and New York stock exchanges. It trades under the title DIS. This is a large enterprise in itself employing more than 150,000 workers around the globe. The revenue generated by the company last year was around $35 billion.

Additional Services:- Disney has been in the entertainment industry since it began producing cartoon films. Its characters are extremely popular throughout the world. Its amusement parks are just another jewel in the corporate history of the company. The parks stand among most visited locations of the world. They are seen as a tourist spots by both American and foreign visitors. The Walt Disney museum is also worth watching.

Presence:- The two amusement parks are located in Orlando, Florida and Anaheim, California. Other theme parks are situated in Hong Kong, Paris and Tokyo. The Walt Disney museum is in San Francisco, California. The cruisers operated by the theme parks are operated from Los Angeles and California.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

The Walt Disney Company is operational in a number of corporate areas. In its theme parks, it has many seasonal and career job opportunities. The candidates can find work in ground duties, maintenance operations, management, financial administration, supervision jobs and program management. The parks also keep looking for artists, musicians and stage actors. The candidates, who have the capability to entertain visitors by personating as Disney characters are also sought by the company. A number of jobs in corporate positions, strategic sourcing and procurement, procurement representation and forecast analysis are also available.

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The majority of these jobs require you to be at least 17 years old and holding some minimum qualification. The educational requirements differ by the job positions. The job opportunities are not only offered to American residents, the foreign candidates, who are good in communication and fluent in American English can also find work there. They must be eligible for employment in United States.

Several entry-level jobs are also available in the food outlets, hotels and ride assistance inside the amusement parks. The photographers, entertainers, and artists have the seasonal job opportunities too. Large staffs for technical operations and maintenance is employed by the company. The candidates having a technical background and education in electrical or mechanical engineering fields can easily find employment in the park. These amusement parks also keep looking for new management trainees on a regular basis.

Advantages of Working @ Disney Land:

The work at Disney’s theme parks is a fun. You never get fatigued or stressed working around the coming crowd. You might be working in any position, there will be a chance when you will have to interact with people or assist them. The candidates, who do a seasonal job are able to earn a fair amount in the two or three month period that passes away like vacations. The part-time workers, who do the job year round make up good incomes always and get a chance to complete their formal education too. All the full-time jobs are career opportunities. The people doing those jobs get high pays and other employment benefits. The fact that their job is entertaining is the biggest reward.
Disney Land Job Application

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Job Interview Questions at Disney Land:

  • Introduce yourself?
  • Who is your favourite Disney character?
  • Why Disney’s theme parks?
  • Will you be able to entertain people?
  • Will working at an overseas location, not an issue?
  • Do you think that you can make a long-term career with Disney in this job position?
  • Will you not feel stressed in a day-long job?
  • Will you not feel stressed in a crowded environment?
  • Can you show some acting before us?