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Disney Store is a retail chain selling toys and games. These stores are present in all U.S. states and are always hiring individuals at various entry-level positions like stock associate, cast member and sales associate. The international locations are in Canada, United Kingdom, France and Denmark. If you love kids or simply want a job to afford your living, you must apply at these stores for employment.

Disney Store does not provide a printed job application. Any individual seeking employment at an entry-level position in these stores must contact a store personally. The company’s website – disneystore.com features an online store locator that will help you finding a store in USA. Use the online store locator to search one of these toy stores in your area. Submit your resume to the manager at respective location and wait for an interview call. These stores are really a fun place to work.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ Disney Store: Monday-Saturday: 10:00AM-9:00PM; Sunday: 11:00AM-6:00PM.

Age Eligibility @ Disney Store: 18 years old.

Career Opportunities @ Disney Store: Sales associate, Cast member, Night stock associate, Assistant store manager, General store manager.

History: Disney store was first opened in 1987. The first store operated in a mall in Glendale, California. After initial success, the stores kept on increasing in numbers. In 2004, all the stores of this chain were purchased by Hoop Retail Stores from Walt Disney and were bought back by Disney in year 2008. Presently more than 250 Disney stores are operational around the world.

Additional Services: These stores sell toys and games. They also sell kid’s clothes, accessories, home décor items, baby products and collectibles of men and women. The toys are the various Disney characters. The stores also facilitate online ordering and home delivery services.

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Presence: There are more than 250 stores running under this chain. These stores are located in all U.S. states and at international locations in Canada, France, United Kingdom and Denmark.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration

These stores hire at various retail positions and are always inviting job applications. Various positions offered at these stores are as follows:

Cast member: Cast members entertain customers, provide them information about products and help them in purchase. They receive hourly wages between $8 and $9.

Stock associates: Stock associates perform inventory operations from unloading trucks to keeping records of sales. They receive hourly wages between $8 and $10.

Managers: The store managers supervise operations, appoint entry-level workers, set schedules, do financial transactions, check and promote sales, communicate with corporate office and control inventory operations. The salary package offered to them ranges from $25,000 to $52,000 per annum.

Advantages of Working @ Disney Store

These stores have a fun work environment. Working at these stores and interacting with children and their parents will never bore you. If you are working at an entry-level position, you shall receive high wages, performance incentives and gifts. You will be provided flexible schedules thus allowing to complete studies and other personal liabilities. The full-time workers benefit from insurance and investment plans, monthly bonuses, short-term and long-term disability protection, special discounts, paid vacations, paid time-off and holidays.

Job Interview Questions at Disney Store

  1. Why Disney Store?
  2. Do you think selling something to children is an easy task?
  3. What hours of day will you be available?
  4. What are you currently studying? How will you manage both studies and job?
  5. What duties do you assume in this job profile?
  6. How do your friends characterize you?
  7. What will you do if your replacement is late?
  8. Do you like kids? How do you feel talking to them?
  9. When can you join here? Can’t you join immediately?
  10. When will you need holidays?
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Apply at Disney Store