Dollar General Job Application

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The ‘Dollar General’ provides exciting opportunities to job seekers at entry level and to full time career professionals. Whether job at an entry level is needed or you want to begin a long-term career working in a retail business, Dollar General may want to put you to work instantly as it has both full time jobs and part-time vacancies. It needs to employ both entry level employees as well as professional associates.

Organization Details

Working Hours @Dollar General: It is a company where time is considered precious and used wisely. The working hours run from 8am to 9pm.

Age Eligibility @Dollar General: Dollar General works with assistance from enterprising shoulders of youth. The applicant must have attained the age of 18 years at the time of submission of application. The application must be in print format and should be submitted by interested candidates who satisfy the conditions stated above in printed format which can be downloaded from:

Career Opportunities @Dollar General: Following profiles are available at Dollar General: Loss Prevention Specialist, Sales Associate, Assistant Manager, Department Manager, Receiver, Customer Service Manager, Retail Cashier, Mystery Shopper, Sales Head, Distribution Manager, Personal Shopper, Trainer, Store Manager, Shift Lead, Stock Clerk, Store Mascot, Store Greeter, Warehouse Worker.

History: The Dollar General was founded way back on 1 June, 1955. This ‘true dollar store’ was started in Scottsville, KY. It used to sell items, the cost of which did not exceed one dollar. By the year 1957, the unique idea had proved such a hit that the founders of the company, James Luther Turner and his son, Cal, managed 29 stores. In the year 1964, J. L. Turner died because of an accident and the company went public in the year 1968. In 1977, Cal Turner Sr. passed the owner of the company to Cal Turner Jr., his son. The company was run by Cal Turner Jr. till he retired in the year 2002. By then, Dollar General was operating about six thousand stores with yearly sales touching $6 billion. A group of investors in 2007 acquired the company by purchasing the stocks and made it a private firm. In 2009, the Dollar General was again taken public.

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Presence: The company is planning to expand about 9,000 stores along with over 600 additional stores in United States itself. 35 states in the US have Dollar General and new areas such as Nevada, New Hampshire and Connecticut will be covered by expansion.

Additional Services: In communities which cannot support large departmental stores, Dollar General comes to rescue. Name-brand merchandise with discounts and off-brand materials are provided as a part of the business. The Dollar General now doesn’t operate with the title ‘a true dollar store’ and has numerous goods that cost even more than a dollar. Expanded selections of food are carried by Dollar General Market provisions which sell produce, baked goods and meat. These stores may operate from locations which were formerly grocery stores.

Community Initiatives: The Dollar General partners with, advocates and promotes programs of local literacy all over the United States. J. L. Turner, the company’s founder, began the company when he was functionally illiterate. Resultantly, the Dollar General works hard to advance/ progress literacy of individuals and exemplifies Turner in proving that illiteracy lacks the power to hold back meticulous workers.

Environmental Initiatives: The company works hard to ascertain low impact on the environment whenever it is doing business. Stores owned by Dollar General operate more business as compared to other retailers across the US. It strives harder in usage of natural resources and reducing waste secretions. The advantage of lighting in a way that saves energy, promoting green choices for its customers, recycling wastes.

Financial Stature: Operating as KKR, which was previously Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, Port Folio Company, the Dollar General runs a firm of investment. The company trades under DG on the New York Stock Exchange. Around 10,000 stores that are company owned are operated in different locations all over the US. The revenues earned per year are approximately $11 billion. An income at a figure more than $900 million as also the net gain being more than $300 million are earned by the company. All over the United States, the Dollar General hires about 80,000 employees.

Dollar General Job Application

Jobs Description and Remuneration

Workers at entry level get started with jobs as customer service associates. The tasks at entry level include stocking shelves, assisting customers, finishing assigned jobs and cleaning. Dollar General provides administrative and management careers to professional employees. It depends on the experience, job title and the department that professional duties are assigned. To be considered for hiring with the company, professional applicants might need to satisfy certain work experience or education criteria.

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Quality job in addition to earning a competitive salary may be what one can get if he or she fills in the Dollar General Job application form online.

Workers at entry level and professional associates are needed by Dollar General. Both full time jobs and part time vacancies are needed to be filled by the company.

Cashier: For providing assistance to customers, the Dollar General Cashier helps the customers with ultimate purchases, answers questions and concludes other jobs assigned to him. Pay rates near minimum wages are received by cashiers. The average pay ranges from $8.00 to $9.50 per hour. Experience may add to the yearly salary options and the hourly pay rates. Locations can also affect the wages of a cashier.

Sales Associate: These sales associates stock shelves and assist the customers during selection of products. Their duties may also include organizing displays, answering questions, checking the expiry dates of products and completing other assigned tasks. The sales associates at the Dollar General often earn a starting pay scale across minimum wage to $9 per hour.

Stock Clerk: Stockers play an important role in keeping the stores of Dollar General organized and fully stocked. Their primary job responsibilities include organizing the areas of back storage, loading/unloading shipments in addition to stocking shelves. Monitoring the inventory and new merchandise may be ordered by the stockers. Stock workers, in good health are the need of the day as the ability of lifting weighty objects and carrying out manual labor proves to be advantageous during the hiring process. Verbal and visual orientation is involved during the training, which lasts for a week. The pay starts from minimum wage and can go up to $12.00/hour or even more.

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Advantages of working @ Dollar General

Work benefits are offered to newly hired employees at entry level as well. These benefits range from industry competitive pay, paid job trainings and schedule flexibility. Workers that are eligible can also have an access to many more employment benefits. Wellness and health perks, additional benefits and bonuses for future planning can also be availed by qualified associates.

Job Interview Questions at Dollar General Job Application

  • What do you think about your weaknesses?
  • With availability of other choices, why do you prefer Dollar General?
  • While hiring any person for a job like this, what qualities would you look for?
  • How will you tap your skills in a productive way for the company?
  • How can you weigh Dollar General as a company?
  •  Are you related to or know anyone already working with this company?
  • Would you work on Saturdays and Sundays?
  • Can you work as an element of the team?