Dots Job Application

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This retail chain of clothing inherently provides a catering service to female gentry of the age group 25 to 35 years. An extensive variety of sizes and an outstanding customer service are provided by this fashion store. The fashions available include clothes for an active lifestyle, casual outings, intimate evenings, professional settings, and formal events. Reasonable price tags can be found, and the display includes jackets, fashion accessories, jewelry, pants, skirts, and trendy shirts.

Organization Details

Working Hours – Monday to Saturday: 10:00am to 9:00pm; and on Sunday: 12:00pm to 6:00pm.

Age Eligibility – 16 years

Career Opportunities

Project Manager, Divisional Merchandise Manager, District Manager, PC Technician, Marketing Manager, Computer Operator, Marketing Intern, Merchandise distributor, Part Time Purchasing Assistant, Store Manager, Assistant Store Manager, Key Holder, Stock Room Associate, Sales Associate.


Initially, in the 1980s, the first store of ‘Dots’ was opened by its founder Bob Glick. It came across considerable success, and this Ohio store was expanded to several locations in the initial years of its operation.


By the middle of 2011, this fashion store was operating more than four hundred locations of retail in the U.S. The Midwestern states and in the East coast, which include Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio are other regions that hold the presence of the stores. In the coming years, the store plans international presence.

Additional Services

Clothes of both off-brand and those carrying brand names are sold by this retailer. Also, available is signature clothing line, which comes under the banner of Journey. The website of the company highlights the latest fashion, running rages in the market. It also features some special promotions and discount offers.

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Community Initiatives

This store donates its money and time to a number of causes related to the society. It encourages participation of local youth to cultivate awareness about dressing sense, fashion styles and textile accessories. Local models were brought into the highlight by this store when it sponsored a series of events and shows called ‘Fashion Week Cleveland’.

Environmental Initiatives

Environmental sustainability is very much understood by this national retailer. With efforts to implement the current eco-friendly technologies and business practices, all regulations that govern the safety of the environment, and the EPA rules are strictly adhered to by Dots. Even waste management and recycling programs, which are planned for decreasing the impact on the environment, are participated by this store.

Financial Stature

This fashion company was previously named as Dots LLC. Operating as a company privately owned Dots makes quite a bulk of money as the annual revenue. It gives employment to thousands of full-time and entry level employees in the U.S. The corporate headquarters is operated from Glenwillow, Ohio.

Dots Job Application

Job Descriptions & Remuneration

Sales Associate – Greeting the customers, assisting in the process of sales, and operating the cash registers are the basic responsibilities of the sales associate. The ideal candidates must be hard working, dedicated, and always show specialized knowledge of the clothes. There should also be a demonstration of helpfulness and friendliness. The salary for sales associates usually begins at minimum wage and increases with experience.

Stock Room Associate – This is a job title of entry level type and is responsible for building displays and organizing shelves. The stock room associate must be capable of lifting bulky and weighty objects owing to the manual labor required to perform the job. This job title also earns the minimum wages, which may increase by experience.

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Management – Applicants who are career oriented are always needed by this store. Jobs in retail management, which include assistant store manager, key holder, and store manager, are offered by this retailer. The store managers delegate work, perform administrative job duties and keep a check on the store operations. They make more than $60,000 per year as salary.  Supervision of entry level workers is done by the key holder, who is also responsible for opening and closing the store every day. The typical salary earned by this worker is between $8 and $10 per hour.

Advantages of working@Dots

The store also assists in health related expenses of its employees. Apart from health care, which includes dental, visual, and medical plans, there is a provision of insurance coverage involving long term and short term disability and life insurance and a plan of monetary assistance for qualified workers. The 401(k) retirement plans, paid vacations, sick leaves, jury duty pay, and holiday pay are other advantages of working for this fashion store.

Job Interview Questions@Dots

  • What inspires you to work in the fashion industry?
  • How would you deal with customers who show disinterest in the newly arrived apparel?
  • How would you guard against pilferage or shop lifters?
  • Where do you want to reach five years later, in your career?
  • Situations of high pressure being common everywhere, how will you keep your calm under these circumstances?
  • Why should you be considered a suitable candidate to work for this store?
  • What do you consider is a momentous achievement by you till date?
  • How would you combat sales deadlines?
  • Which personality has constantly inspired you till date?
  • Do you consider it as a high profile and satisfying job?
  • Do you feel that the given job gives you challenging opportunities?
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