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Dunkin’ Donuts has earned a name by being the globe’s leader of baked goods and coffee chain selling around a billion coffee cups per year. Beverages also find a place in Dunkin’ Donuts- from revitalizing COOLATTA® beverages and Iced Coffee to hot coffee that is freshly brewed. About 10, 000 points of distribution are there in thirty two countries out of which around seven thousand are in North America. The others find their place in main international market which include Latin America and the Asia Pacific.

Dunkin’ Donuts often requires professional associates and workers at entry level for staffing jobs as restaurant employees. There is a regular need for filling a role as full time or part time. One can apply online and receive consideration for employment. The corporate headquarters of the company is maintained in Canton, MA. From a business concentrating on donuts as also other items of bakery, now the company operates on a larger segment of revenue from business.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ Dunkin’ Donuts
The store is open each day of the week from 5:00 am to 11:00 pm.
Age Eligibility @ Dunkin’ Donuts
The minimum age required for working at Dunkin’ Donuts is sixteen years.
Career Opportunities @ Dunkin’ Donuts
The positions available at Dunkin’ Donuts are listed as under:

Assistant Restaurant Manager, Baker/Finisher, Crew Member, Shift Leader, Baker, Multi-Unit Manager, Assistant Restaurant Manager, Store Manager, Accounting Assistant and Restaurant General Manager.


The earliest Dunkin’ Donuts was opened in Quincy, MA, by Bill Rosenberg in the year 1950. Franchising was begun by the company in the year 1955. At present, the company is wholly owned as a subsidiary unit of Dunkin’ Brands, which is the parent company along with the Baskin-Robbins ice cream company.


Dunkin Donuts has more than 2,600 stores and finds presence in thirty countries apart from the United States. It has been more than twenty seven years that the Dunkin Donuts has been serving customers in so many parts of the globe. Some international locations of the company are listed as under:

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New Zealand, Grand Cayman, Russia, Philippines, Indonesia, Canada, Spain, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Germany, Oman, China,  Peru, Bulgaria, UAE, Korea, Taiwan, Lebanon, Colombia, Philippines.


Bakery goods, like muffins, donuts and a variety of other goods, added with a broad range of cold and hot tea, and coffee are offered. The company serves quite a variety of sandwiches, wraps and bagels too. The signature “Coolatta” drink is sold in a frozen condition with a variety of tastes, like Mountain Dew, Tropicana orange juice, and blue raspberry. For making the coffee drinks, Dunkin’ Donuts makes use of only Arabica coffee beans.

Community Initiatives

The company takes care of the communities to which it provides its services. The company ensures that the workforce gets all their requirements fulfilled so that the personal goals are successfully met along with taking care of the franchises, distributors, farmers and workers. Along with excellent services, essential nutrition information is also provided to guests. The Dunkin’ Donuts also provides eatables for the needy, and in addition, wellness programs and child care are also taken over by the company. The Dunkin’ Donuts & Baskin-Robbins Community Foundation was established by Dunkin’ Brands provide safety, food and health support.

Environment Initiatives

The company works hard to make the changes, and also conserve the environment all through the restaurants chain that it owns. Responsible planning and management is kept in mind while choosing the material for packaging. Methods, like green buildings, faucets for conservation of water and use of lighting that is energy efficient is utilized by the company. Wherever possible, the company adopts practices that are more sustainable and efficient.

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A chief chain associated with international locations is operated by Dunkin’ Donuts. Around 2, 600 stores are operated by the company outside America. Stores are available in about thirty countries, like Panama, the Philippines, Russia, Qatar, Germany, China, Canada, Spain, Taiwan, and so many more. The first international location of Dunkin’ Donuts was opened twenty five years ago.

Financial Initiatives

A large number of stores are operated by the company, and the headquarters of this fully owned subsidiary of Dunkin’ Brands are maintained in Canton, MA. Yearly revenues of almost $5 billion are reported by the organization. There is no trading done by this private enterprise on stock exchanges. Worldwide, approximately 250, 000 workers are employed by the company. In addition, this company operates as fully franchised unit.

Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration

Crew Member

The team or crew member’s job wants workers to help customers. The duties assigned to this individual include taking orders, baking, making coffee, greeting patrons, and running files. Restroom areas, restaurant as well as the restaurant may be needed to be cleaned by team members. The Crew Member should ensure excellence in operations by following standards and system of the store. These include assuring cleanliness in the guest area and well organized work stations. Crew members along with excellent communication skills perform their duties while maintaining a team environment. Crew members, who have some experience, can also support training for crew members who are newly hired. The starting salary for the crew member starts typically from minimum wage. The Crew Member at Dunkin Donuts usually gets $9.00 per hour while experienced ones may get close to $11.00 per hour. Job perks, like paid training, store discounts, and flexible scheduling, can also be earned by crew members.

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The Manager at Dunkin’ Donuts has to look after the various aspects pertaining to the store. Training associates, customer care, daily operations, and labor management can be mentioned as the key areas for which this individual is responsible. Duties included in labor management can be listed as: delegating work, creating work time tables or schedules, hiring/training associates, checking the performance of employees. Paperwork is also filed by managers apart from ordering supplies, analysis of weekly number of sales, in addition to, opening and closing duties. Greeting customers, providing help and also taking care of customers’ complaints also falls under the duties of a manager. The starting pay of the manager ranges from $20,000 to $30,000 per year. The average pay ranges from $25,000 to $45,000 annually.

Advantages of working @ Dunkin’ Donuts Job Application

The employee at Dunkin Donuts gets job benefits, like 401(k) plans, vacation days; paid time offs holidays, health benefits, bereavement days, sick leaves in addition to tuition reimbursement, long term care insurance, etc. These benefits can differ as regards to the franchises.

Job Interview Questions for Dunkin’ Donuts Job Application

There are questions which may be asked during the interview part of the hiring process. The candidate can prepare answers to more questions based on the experience and qualifications possessed:

  • What makes you choose to work in this company?
  • Can you work on holidays and weekends?
  • Do you possess any experience regarding the sales environment?
  • How do you plan to deal with customers who need discounts?
  • How will you answer people who come with problems related to sold goods?
  • What does ‘customer service’ mean to you?
  • How would you deal with irate or angry customers?

Dunkin’Donuts job Application