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Do video games fascinate you? Of course, they must do. ‘EB Games’ is an international video game retailer having stores in many countries. These stores hire candidates as sales associates year round. While you are searching a job opportunity in the retail sector, the employment opportunity at these stores may bring adventure to your job-expedition. You must try at these stores as you will be getting a handsome salary for learning and educating about latest PS3 or XBOX games.

‘EB Games’ is subsidiary of GameStop. If you want a job at these stores, you must fill up and send the employment application of the parent company to a nearby store. Visit ebgames.com and hit on ‘Careers’. Search the current job openings at stores, distribution centers or corporate office. Download the employment application. Print it. This application form should be filled and submitted to the nearest store for gaining employment consideration. Apply as early as possible, so that you could exploit the latest job opening.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ EB Games: – Monday-Saturday: 10:00AM-7:00PM; Sunday: 11:00AM-5:00PM

Age Eligibility @ EB Games: – 16 years old

Career Opportunities @ EB Games: – Sales associate, Payroll manager, Store manager, Cashier, Assistant store manager, Inventory specialist, Key holder, Staff accountant, Supervisor, Maintenance technician, Business specialist, IT specialist

History: – The concept of this retail chain was founded by James Kin. He opened first store in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1971. He started selling watches and calculators, and later expanded the catalogue to personal computers and laptops. In 1990s, he diverted his business to selling video games and game consoles. In 2005, these stores were bought by GameStop and merged. Today, it is one of the largest retail chains of video games in the world.  

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Additional Services: – These stores sell video games, game consoles and entertainment devices. All type of games including PC, XBOX, PS3, 3DS, Nintendo, PlayStation, GameCube and PSP are sold at these stores.

Presence: – This video game retailer has presence in United States, Canada, Australia, France, Denmark, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Portugal, Austria, Finland, Spain, Ireland, Sweden, New Zealand, Switzerland and Norway.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

These stores keep on recruiting sales associates. As a sales associate in these stores, one has to educate customers about different games and game devices and help them in purchasing right games. They engage in selling and interact with customers. Apart from sales associate, one can try for stock associate position. They are the inventory personnel, who unload and load trucks, arrange items in store and keep their records. The entry-level employees receive wages ranging from $7 to $10 per hour.

The chain appoints candidates on managerial positions provided they possess required experiences and education. The store managers and assistant store managers are liable to run the store perfectly. Their salary ranges between $30,000 and $75,000. The salary varies from one location to another.

Advantages of Working @ EB Games:

EB Games is a fun place to work at. The video games are always a subject of interest. You will never bore working as a sales associate at these stores. You shall get competitive pay and flexible schedules to work in. There may be a career advancement opportunity with these stores after one would have achieved higher education and gained appropriate experience. The managers and supervisors have more job perks in hands like they receive monthly bonuses and high salary and get access of retirement plan, vision, dental and medical coverage, life insurance and paid leaves.

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EB Games Job Application

Job Interview Questions at EB Games:

  1. Please tell something about yourself?
  2. What job were you doing before?
  3. Why are you interested in a retail position?
  4. How is this job important to you?
  5. What career do you aim at?
  6. What hours of day will you be available?
  7. Can’t you join for full-time?
  8. What education are you pursuing?