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Eckerd Corporation is a leading drug store chain of America. It’s headquarter is located in Largo, Florida. The pharmacy brand had 1,549 chain outlets in approximately 13 states covering Mid Atlantic and New England sections of the U. S.  In 2007, Rite Aid Company acquired Eckerd and converted all the branches into Rite Aid pharmacies.

The drug store care for the general public’s health, beauty and home products, etc. This pharmacy brand has more than 2,800 outlets in 23 locations. It became the fourth largest drug store in America in 2004. The company broke up in year 2004 after signing $4.52 billion deal. Till that time it had 1,269 stores including Texas, Florida and Louisiana states.

Looking forward, the management team including store managers, sales representatives, executives and pharmacists, etc contributed a lot towards the success of Eckerd, the pharmacy store.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Eckerd: Every day the store remains open for public from 08:00am-10:00pm.

Age Eligibility @ Eckerd: Candidates only become eligible after attaining particular age of 18 years or above.  

Career Opportunities @ Eckerd: Manager in Training, Loss Prevention Manager, Cashier, Benefits Specialist, Store Manager, Merchandise Supervisor, Shift Supervisor, Human Resources Clerk, Regional Pricing Specialist, Co-Manager, Merchandiser, Forklift Operator, Assistant Store Manager, Pharmacy Technician, Pharmacist, Overnight Shift Supervisor, Student Pharmacist, Customer Relationship Marketing Analyst, Maintenance Mechanic, Field Technician, International Pharmacy Intern, Administrative Assistant and Operations Manager.

History: Eckerd, as a drug store got life in September 1898. It was operated by Z. Tatom and J. Milton Eckerd (27 years of age) in Erie, Pennsylvania. The company started its business from 1105 State Street in downtown Erie, under the name of Erie Cut-Rate Medicine Store. The medicine store got its name when both the original partners sold it to Eckerd’s sons in 1912. After this deal they went to Wilmington, Delaware and launched a new store there.

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Back in 1996, Eckerd and J.C. Penney decided to merge. From 1997 to 2004, Eckerd was in the hands of J.C. Penney. During that period, it was ranked as the first drug store brand in the United States running 2,800 branches from New York to Florida and west Arizona.

Later on Brooks Eckerd Pharmacy came into life when Jean Coutu buys Eckerd from J.C. Penney and renamed it as brooks Pharmacy.  Its corporate headquarter was shifted to Rhode Island. A statement published in Wall Street Journal said that Eckerd and Brooks pharmacies would be purchased by Rite Aid from Jean Coutu Group on a payment of $3.4 billion USD. This deal was ended on 4th June, 2007.

Presence: Eckerd till 2012 has entered in almost every state of United States, serving hundreds and thousands of customers each day. The brand has established over 2,900 retail branches in Sunbelt, Southeast and Northeast areas.

The states which are supporting Eckerd in assisting customers are: Houston, Staten Island, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Lowa, Wisconsin, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, California, Kansas, Colorado, Florida, Delaware, Vermont, Dallas, New Dakota and Atlanta.

Additional Services: Eckerd pharmacy has a long list of goods and services it is providing to the general customers. The pharmacy store gives special privileges to the aged citizens of the locality. Some of the unique characteristics of this company are: Prescription Mailing, Computerized Prescriptions, Computerized Pharmacy, Refills, UPS, Pharmaceutical Services, Film & Photo Labs and Tax Records.

Above these services, some unusual products are waiting for you in the queue. These includes: Fertility Drugs, Antibiotics, Respiratory Medications, Baby & Maternity Supplies, Candles, Asthma Supplies, Allergy Medicines, Fragrances, Dental Care, Pain Management Medications, Breast Feeding Supplies, Foot Care, Support Hose & Stockings, Cameras, Diabetic Supplies, Health Aids,  Greeting Cards, Orthotics, Herbs & Herbal Supplements, Homeopathic Remedies, Smoking Cessation Drugs and Sports Medicine Supplies.

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Financial Stature: Year 1961 was marked as when Eckerd got transferred from proprietorship to publicly traded corporation. Year 2000 was remarkable for the company. In this year the pharmacy store had inaugurated more than 2,800 outlets in almost 20 sites. The store also opened 1,600 centres in collaboration with Eckerd Express Photo labs touching 19 states, earning revenue of $13.10 billion in the same year.  

Jobs Descriptions& Remuneration:

Eckerd, in order to run its business successfully deeply require talented and young individuals to staff in corporate as well as store teams. Employees here are encouraged to join the organization on the basis of atmosphere, facilities and work quality offered to them.

The brand also sustain towards personal growth and candidate’s personal achievement. The organization offers both full and part time job vacancies. Apply online to push up the hiring process. Before hitting on the production floor, you need to undergo through a long and hard training schedule.

Cash Manager- As a cash manager, you are entitled for managing cash according to company’s policies and procedures. Other function includes training, performance management, coaching and scheduling hours and vacations. With exceptional customer service, you need to effectively respond to customers queries.

Cash managers assist front store managers in operating balanced inventories and maintain cash registers. Potential individuals looking for this designation may need to present senior secondary education certificated at interview time. Together with strong skills, such as management, verbal and written communication, interpersonal and professionalism are mandatory for the workers.

Territory Manager- As the name itself tells the importance of this post. A territory manager is responsible for functioning smooth operations inside a territory assigned to him. Accounts of all the branches within the region should be checked and verified by this person. The outlets must not adhere to the company procedures and guidelines.

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The person who takes on this role should be capable to handle pressure situations. This is a front line position which should always be updated about market conditions, company policies, customer behaviours and financial statistics. The basic requirements essential for filing application for this designation are: Graduation certificate in management stream plus minimum five years of work experience in retail department.

Sales Associate- Sales Associates at Eckerd needs to perform quite a few roles every day. Sales Associates are entitled to verify that customer walks out of the store with complete satisfaction. They assist the guests in grocery, photo development, health & beauty sections and pharmacy. Looking more towards the list, these employees also manages stock shelves, cash registers and other outside duties. Basic salary of sales associates differs depending upon their work experience, location and responsibilities they perform.

Advantages of working @ Eckerd:

Job advantages for the employees at Eckerd are like wealth. As the time pass on increasing the wealth so as with the facilities. The benefits differ depending upon designation, experience and initiatives taken. To the qualified workers company facilitates with munificent saving schemes, competitive income pay, 401(k) plan, paid vacation,  insurance options,  yearly  gratuity, employee dividends, medical coverage and  a list of various other job benefits. Filling online form makes you understand these advantages in detail.

Eckerd Job Application

Job Interview Questions for Eckerd:

  • Describe your previous work experience in the same field.
  • Which area of pharmacy industry do you find more pleasing?
  • How will you manage working under pressure situations?
  • How will you satisfy customers with new products?
  • What different skills do you hold from other candidates?
  • How will you prove yourself beneficial for the company?
  • What techniques should be adopted for offering fast services?