EDGE Wireless Job Application

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AT&T acquired the Edge Wireless in 2008. Hence, the job application to apply in Edge wireless is no longer available now. The individuals, who were looking towards the company for employment, should now approach  AT&T. It is operating the telecommunication infrastructure of this former company in more than 10,000 cities.

There are the job opportunities available in a variety of capacities. The individuals looking for career opportunities may try for technical jobs or jobs in the management. The candidates, who simply want a job to afford their living while studying, could join at retail stores of the company or at the customer service centres. They can join in position of retail sales associate or customer service representative. The job openings in the company can be accessed through the job website of the company – att.jobs.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ EDGE Wireless:- Work schedules vary by job titles

Age Eligibility @ EDGE Wireless:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ EDGE Wireless:– Systems Engineer, Sales Consultant, Retail Sales Consultant, Network Engineer, IT Project manager, Retail store manager, Finance representative, Sales executive, Web developer, Marketing coordinator, IT Client consultant, Brand manager, Facility technician, Assistant store manager, Service technician, Technical writer, Facility technician, Technical support, Customer assistant, Sales associate, Sales consultant

History:- Edge Wireless was founded in the year 1999. It operated till year 2008. In 2008, it was acquired by the AT&T. AT&T is the oldest telecom company in the world. It employs around 300,000 employees globally and earns revenue about $120 billion. The company was successful in expanding its services in more than 10,000 cities of United States.

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Additional Services:- Edge wireless was a leading telecom service provider in the country. It expanded rapidly within the decade it was operational.

Presence:- After merging with AT&T, the wireless infrastructure of the company is still serving at thousands of locations. The AT&T operates throughout United States. It is a leader in telecom research and development.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

Being operational at thousands of locations, the company used to generate employment for hundreds of candidates every year. Most of the jobs were of system engineers and network engineers. The company was used to be always in search of field technicians and radio engineers. These jobs require candidates holding specific education and are still offered at the locations where company was operational.

The company used to hire a large team of management professionals. These professionals had to oversee operations, business processes or engage into the marketing and advertisement campaigns. Of course, the individuals seeking management jobs must a degree in management and gained some experience.

The customer service jobs and jobs in retail sales were easiest to achieve. Any candidate 18 or above in age could find these jobs provided he/she had fair communication skills. The communication skills are the only requirement for these verbal jobs.

Advantages of Working @ EDGE Wireless:

Whether one would have joined at an entry-level or professional position, reasonable salaries were always offered to the hires. They used to get a horde of other benefits like a pension plan – 401(K), life insurance, investment options, healthcare benefits, paid leaves and paid training programs. All the employees used to get a paid training before confirmation of their appointment and given further training and assistance programs for career advancement. These benefits are still availed by the employees even after the merge in AT&T. In fact, there are now more career opportunities as the wireless network of the company is now managed by a larger corporation.
EDGE Wireless Job Application

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Job Interview Questions at EDGE Wireless:

  • Tell us about yourself?
  • From where did you complete education?
  • Are you still studying?
  • Tell us about your work experience? What did you achieve through previous work experience?
  • Tell us about your failures?
  • Will you be able to manage a team?
  • Why AT&T?