Emirates Airline Job Application

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‘Emirates Airline’ is the largest airline in the Middle East Asia. It is not that if it is based in Dubai, it does not offer employment opportunities at other locations. The airline has flights to countries all over the world. It operates globally in 6 continents dealing with people speaking 120 languages.

The career opportunities at Emirates can be accessed online at emiratesgroupcareer.com. There are jobs in human resource, cabin crew, corporate communication, in-flight catering, corporate services, procurement and logistics, security, engineering, customer service, airport operations and in-flight services. These jobs are available at all international hubs of the airline. Access the website and apply online now. There may be a job vacancy right now.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Emirates:- Working hours varies by job title.

Age Eligibility @ Emirates:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Emirates:– Air traffic controller, Ticket sales agent, Human resource manager, Flight attendant, Ramp agent, Pilot, Baggage handler, Cabin crew member, Co-pilot, Maintenance technician, Travel advisor, Legal advisor, Flight dispatcher, Inspector, Security guards, Shift managers

History:- Emirates airline came into existence in year 1985. In its early days, it had only two aircrafts, but today there are 160 airplanes in their fleet and they operate flights to 6 continents across hundreds of destinations. The airline is a business division of The Emirates Group. It is recognised internationally and won many awards for its services. It has been awarded business traveller awards and Skytrax World Airline award many times.

Additional Services:- The airline has around 160 planes in its fleet. It is running flights from Dubai international airport to many countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. The airline also provides tour and travel services and operates some hotels, restaurants and travel agencies.

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Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

There are many employment opportunities at Emirates. Most of these jobs are in in-flight services, engineering, and customer service and airport operations. The pilot job among in-flight services must be desired by many. One should have a pilot license for the job. Most of the in-flight jobs require a candidate to be fluent in a foreign language. Also, the candidates, who want to join the cabin crew, must have gone through appropriate training.

The jobs in customer service are easiest to get. One should be at least 18 years old to apply at these jobs. The knowledge of a foreign language might be useful in securing a customer service job; however, it is not always a requirement.

Many entry-level jobs like the security guard, ramp agent, baggage handler, cargo handler, and jobs in airport operations, can be secured without much qualification. The employees working in such jobs are generally paid hourly wages.

Advantages of Working @ Emirates:

The Emirates group has more than 50,000 employees now. Its annual turnover is about $18 billion. The airline facilitates its workers paid trainings, annual salary appraisals, life insurance, anniversary gifts, travel privileges, saving options, pension plan, discount coupons, healthcare and investment option. These benefits are apart from high pay rates and other monetary benefits. The job perks vary by job position, location, and time spent in service and performance.
Emirates Job Application

Job Interview Questions at Emirates:

  • Why the Emirates Group?
  • How much do you like travelling?
  • What salary were you getting from previous employer?
  • Have you learnt any foreign language?
  • What salary do you expect?
  • What should be your responsibilities in this job?
  • How long will you work with us?
  • Tell us about any of your professional achievement?
  • What are your goals ahead?
  •  Tell something about your internship?
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