Example of Plumber Resume

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An appropriately formatted and well-written resume for the position of a plumber will make quite an impression professionally. It will also foster the possibility of an interview.

Tips for Plumber Resume

  • Create a document that is easy to read and visually appealing  
  • Make use of a simple font
  • Organize the information in such a way that  creates maximum influence on the reader
  • Make use of reverse order of chronology that is most relevant education and experiences first
  • Avoid overcrowding
  • Make use of ‘action’ words so as to make the sentences more powerful
  • Avoid using “duties included”, “responsible for”, “I”, “My” etc.

The resume example that follows is written for the position of a plumber. It will help you in the process of job application. You can even use this Cover Letter when preparing the job application.

Plumber Resume (Example)
 Peter Pereira
456 Fairylands, 10th Ave. – California, CA 21256 
Contact:  (909) 999-900-0909, Email Address: peterperiera99@mail.com


Seeking the position of a plumber with MarcoTech and making use of skills of plumbing, and experience gained while working with the laid standards and specific procedures.


  • More than seven years of experience working as a plumber, while in the engineering and maintenance division of the ‘Gale Hotel’
  • Highly practiced in maintenance of systems involved in plumbing, in industrial, residential, and commercial buildings
  • Vast knowledge of going through specifications that determine the layout of a specific building
  • Practical experience in installing and assembling metal and PVC pipes, fixtures and valves, as also hangers, supports and other equipments related to this profession
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  • Well versed with tools, equipment, plumbing codes, as well as the materials needed in the plumbing trade
  • Comprehensive understanding linked to mechanisms required while operating and running pumps, boilers and heaters
  • Comprehensive understanding of installation, repair and preventative procedures needed for all types of plumbing systems


  • Acquired the ‘Journeyman Certification’ way back in 2007
  • Achieved the ‘Plumber of the Year’ award twice consecutively
  • Designed and took care of the plumbing system for 5 residential buildings and 2 commercial buildings by being a part of the plumbing team
  • Improved many already installed systems of plumbing


‘Plumbing Fathoms’ – Virginia, CA
Plumber- March 2009 – Present

  • Reviewing the blueprints so as to provide the best solutions of plumbing  
  • Identifying the procedures and the relevant tools that are needed for activities of plumbing
  • Execute plumbing systems as per the required plan of work
  • Testing the systems that are in place, to diagnose errors like leakages

‘XYZ Company’ – San Francisco, CA
Plumber Helper January 2008 – February 2009

  • Assisted the plumbers while installation of fixtures of plumbing
  • Fitted and repaired the plumbing pipes by cutting and drilling the openings as needed
  • Possessed working materials and tools, and also prepared similar tools at the locations of work


High School Diploma – 2007


  • Excellent skills of communication
  • Able to communicate in four languages
  • Punctual and proficient with time management