Example of Resume for Corporate Receptionist

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The resume written for Corporate Receptionist should be containing the exact details regarding the qualifications and experience held by the candidate. The candidate must avoid being complex and must bring in the use of direct phrases. This style of writing the resume does the trick for the successful candidates. There is also another key factor that rules the positive nod from the potential employer, and that is the additional skills section of the resume. Skills like typing speed and attending the phone do give the respective candidate the upper edge in the competition for the Corporate Receptionist.

Resume for Corporate Receptionist

Diana Roosevelt
969Q Elizabeth Grey Memorial Park,
California, CA 6565655
Contact 9753186420
Email: roosevelt.diana@mail.com


In a lookout for a position of a Corporate Receptionist in which the supporting skills as a receptionist acquired by me can be utilized by the employer inside the organization.


  • Spent three years employed in the position of Corporate Receptionist with the Trinity Associates Inc. Illinois
  • Carry formidable experience when it comes to the provision of support to high class individuals like management staff and executive personnel
  • Exhibiting proficiency while communicating with investors and clients carrying high profile character
  • Practical experience while taking care of the multi-caller systems of communication
  • Proficient in usage of computer programs like PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, and Word etc. 


  • Made use of the much needed transition to bring about a control over the mess created due to multiple calls. The poly-line phone system was set up with the state of the art technology.
  • Praised and glorified by delegations coming from Japan and France for providing excellent service   
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January 2013 – Present
Full Moon Corporate Bank, Pennsylvania, PA 228845
Corporate Receptionist

  • In service as the initial contact point while assisting visitors, vendors, and customers
  • Answering, screening, and directing the incoming calls to the appropriate recipients
  • Managing tokens and the brooches for visitors
  • Issuing and maintaining the door cards
  • Informing/complaining, and reporting the maintenance to suitable personnel
  • The maintenance staff was kept in constant touch for keeping premises and surrounding areas clean
  • Take care of the incoming mails as well as sending the documents into the mail box
  • Provide the wanted information to the customers 


Diploma in High School from California in 2011


  • Acquired a typing speed of 55 words per minute
  • Outstanding phone etiquette
  • Excellent skills linked with verbal and written communication


Available on request