EZ Lube Job Application

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EZ Lube is a chain of auto repair centres in California, USA. The chain is popular for its fast and timely service. The stores functioning under the chain, look for candidates, to fill positions like mechanic, customer service associate and sales associate.

You cannot apply to a job in EZ Lube online. There is no employment form available online. What can you do is locate a store online and contact the store manager of the respective location? Submit your resume to apply at a desired position. You will be interviewed by the manager and appointed as soon as there will open a vacancy. Try contacting a store by phone first and enquire about current job vacancies. You may be hired immediately if there’s a vacancy right now. Otherwise applying in advance will help your considering first.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ EZ Lube:- Monday – Friday 8:00 – 6:00; Saturday 8:00 – 5:00; Sunday 9:00 – 4:00; Hours may vary by locations

Age Eligibility @ EZ Lube:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ EZ Lube:– Assistant manager, Lube technician, Sales associate, Manager, Cashier

History:- EZ Lube was founded in the year 1988. Gary Peston was the founder of the company. He was later joined by his brother, who helped him to expand the business. The chain started with a single location in Westshore, California, now more than 70 stores are operational. The company received several awards for its service and commitment to customers.

Additional Services:- The typical services offered by the stores are Oil change, Car wash, Fleet service, repairing transmissions, and Changing filter. The customers can enjoy free Wi-Fi access while their car gets serviced. The stores are popular in California for their fast service. For example, customers often visit the stores for an oil change claimed to be accomplished in 10 minutes duration.

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Presence:- The company is managing 75 stores across the state. These stores are located in all main towns and cities of California. They can also be spotted on busy highways and some suburbs.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

The EZ Lube stores have been looking for associates in the positions like mechanic, customer service associate, sales associate and cashiers. These are the jobs that can be secured by any individual above 18 years of age and no specific education. The technicians accomplish services like a car wash, oil change, filter change and repairing transmission. The individuals could learn these skills within a week. The sales associates or cashiers sell auto parts, arrange items in the store and process business transactions. The customer service associates book service orders and educate customers about the store’s services.

There may be a requirement of managers and corporate employees. There are specific job requirements for these positions. For example, the applicants of manager position should have a degree in management and work experience of retail management.

There are also many jobs in distribution. The aspirants can try or jobs like delivery truck driver, stock associate or merchandise handler.

Advantages of Working @ EZ Lube:

There are standard benefits of working at these auto stores.  The employees receive competitive hourly wages and referral bonuses. They get flexibility in the schedule, so could complete their studies along with the job. The professional workers benefit from perks like retirement fund, disability cover, life insurance, healthcare facilities, and group insurance cover. The corporate workers get paid trainings and career advancement opportunities. Selected employees are eligible for paid leaves and holiday packages.
EZ Lube Job Application
Locate a store and apply in person.

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Job Interview Questions at EZ Lube:

  • Do you know changing oil?
  • What do know about automobile filters and transmission system?
  • Are you a team worker?
  • Will you be able to find time apart from school?
  • When will you join the store?
  • Can you learn skills within a week?
  • Which accounting software do you know?
  • How will you welcome a customer?